Help!! New Comer to SW but put on rather than lost


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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help, I joined Slimming World last Weds and had my 1st weigh in last night and I had gained 1/2 pound...I really do not understand, I haven't knowlingly cheated and not been over my 15 syns, it is my star week but I just thought I would of lost something...anything :(

I had all Orange Days, so this week I am going to try and alternate them and exercise.

I am 5'1" and weight 9.8, I know I havent got loads to lose but I know I can be a lot smaller that what I am right now :(

Does anybody have any suggestions...please....x
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One thing that used to catch me out at SW was, believe it or not, drinking large amounts of water before my group. I'd go all afternoon without a drink, be ludicrously thirsty, and put down half a litre or more on the train home from London. So come weigh-in I was full of water and weighed a pound more.

Did you keep a food diary for your first week? If so, have you sat down with your consultant and asked her to look it over for you? That's what she's there for - you are her customer, so don't be afraid to ask for her help.

I can't really help more than that. It's a few years since I tried Slimming World, back when it was only Red, Green, and some half-and-half nonsense. But keeping the food diary in the first few weeks is really vital. I can't stress that enough. Every single thing you eat must go on it.


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I gain on red days. Some people gain on green days. I am lucky that greens suit me as I prefer the plan and I can lose on it. Sometimes you have to find what works for you both in your tastes and what your body likes.


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i just wanted to state that when i first tried slimmingworld.. i gained 5lbs..! and could of died in shame when i thought i had been good all week and really thought that being on green days when it said eat as many potatoes as u wanted i really did.. i think i was eating about 5 jackets a day loaded with beans. no wonder i gained.. lol
i laugh about it now. but now ive restarted and relised that yes when its free food.. u have to limited urself.. like having a jacket for a meal not when u feel like it.! i hope u stick with it.. i was so dishearted when i gained.. i really thought i was doing well.. im on red days and a mixture of green now.. really suits me. i love filling up on fat free yougurts. and fruit.. if u ever need any help then check out my threads.! i wish u all the best of luck for ur next weigh in.. stick with it write all ur food down.. on ur food planner . ive lost 5lbs in 2 weeks so far..! total loss now 8 1/2lbs
best of luck of next weigh in ...


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I found EE days just didnt work for me at all. I did ok on Green days with the occasional EE day but not every day.

If its TOTM thats probably been the problem... a gain isnt unusual. Bet you have a good loss next week x


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You're probably best to repost your message on the SW forum as you'll get loads of advice. But it's very difficult to offer any specific advice without knowing what you've been eating so you why not post your food diary when you get there. First week losses are dependat on so many different factors eg what you were eating before starting, were you doing a very low calorie plan, are you eating enough supefree, time of the month, medications, exercising and drinking enough water. So come on over and say hello!