Help...New to Slimming World


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Greetings everybody:)

I joined Slimming World just this Monday evening,So I guess this is Day2 of the diet,
The problem I am finding is that I feel really bloated!
I have done Greens days so far and will probably carry on doing them..
I have mainly being eating free food as in beans, baked potatoes,eggs (yeah there has been a few smells here!;)) far i have not 'syned' :innocent0002:

Does anybody else suffer from bloating from doing the green days??
Im getting a little worried that i may weigh more than what I am already at my first weigh in as I have been eating LOADS of free food which seems to be bloating me??

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I find if i eat a lot of beans i get bloated. Don't worry though if you have stuck to the plan, even though you have been doing green days, you should still lose weight at your weigh in. I felt in my first week that i wouldn't lose weight as i had eaten loads but i lost 3lbs. Stick with it and let us know how you get on.


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Thats fantastic well done!! and thankyou for your advice,I shall try tomorrow without beans, any more and I feel i will burst hehe

I will sure come back and let you know how I get on...hopefully with good news fingers crossed!:)


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Hi and welcome :)

I do mainly green days and think it takes a bit for the body to adjust... make sure you are having your syns and don't worry about eating FREE food that is why it is free so munch away.


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I did all green days in my first week and I lost 5 lbs. I don't really suffer from bloating, have you tried live/bio yogurt with the good bacteria?