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Red Days help newbie :D

okay so im on the second day of sw. and im doing a red day...

this morning i had two slices of wholemeal toast with a glass of 250 ml semi skimmed milk, so this was my a & b ?
then for dinner we had beans tomtatoes mushrooms fried egg and bacon

then for tea where having chicken with lots of veg!

does this sound right?
i havent got the book at the mo till next week : /

is it right also that you can have 2 a's and 2 b's everyday if you wanted?

thnks in advance :D
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
You cant have beans as a free food on a Red day Hun they would either need counting as a HeB 142g worth, or synning 100g is 4 syns.
If you have the chicken and veg for tea, avoid peas, sweetcorn, parsnip and potatoes unless you have them as your HeB.
Yes, you can have 2 Healthy As and 2 Healthy Bs a day, although most people tend to just have 1 HeA and 2 HeB.

Can I suggest you have a look at the food diary section on here to give you some ideas until you get your books?

Take care


Mrs V

Loves Life!
Peas and sweetcorn arent free on a Red day Hun so they again would need synning.
Hi hump - i'm rascal on ab. i hope i've got right person. didnt know you were doing sw.i've been doing sw 3 weeks now n lost 8 pounds.

wow rascal small world!!! haha yeah its me, do you know many ppl with a username like mine hahah ;) i posted on ab general but didnt have much response so found this website today! i havent actually signed up but i am on monday ive just pinched one of my friends books ! congrats on the weight loss :D ill find out if ive lost ne monday
only found this couple of weeks ago too but its great. our profiles prety similar too in what we want to lose. i'm following extra easy so cant help you with red days.

yeah your name one in million.:D
yeah i want to loose around 2 stones and a bit! i think it will work im so excited to see if i actually loose some. i havent lost weight in ages, & im loving how diet cola is free :D

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