HELP!! on Day 8 and have eaten am i still in Ketosis??

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Hi Eveyone can someone please answer my question, i have just stupidly eaten a twix bar and 2 biscuits as i weighed myslef and it showed i had put on 2lbs (after being 100%) so i lost it and just ate!! i am so silly i know but now the food is in my belly and im feeling so guilty. Im 100% i have been in ketosis as i was so ill on sat sun mon and yesterday, was feeling better today and weighed myself to find a result i was not expecting. Can you please let me know if i am out of ketosis? will i have to start all over again with the ketosis thing? i find it a bit confusing sometimes. Thanks :cry::wave_cry:
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no, keep. ihave a day off every sat and still lose. the important things you have to remember is never to give up. after my day off plan i start the day with water and shakes and stay 100% ss. i am on week 6 and have only sts one week. pls keep going. you cannot have gained with what you have eaten and if you start drinking now and get back on with it there should be a loss this week. pls do not feel bad! i hate the thought of you sitting there feeling upset. CD is a journey of ups and downs and believe me we all have them. so just make a shake and glug away.


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Sorry hun but you probably won't be in ketosis anymore, esp if you ate carbs. As soon as you eat your body reverts back to using carbs and fat for energy as apposed to the stored fat it was using in ketosis. The good news is that it shouldn't take too long to get back into ketosis providing you didn't eat a huge amount of carbs. You shouldn't have the headaches that you get first time round from carb withdrawal either. Just draw a line under it, pretend it never happened and in about 72 hours you'll be back in ketosis. You should still show a loss on the scales at you weigh in.

Don't beat yourself up about it, it happened, you won't have put all your weight back on. Just learn from it. You'll be fine, don't let it put you off. xxx


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sorry hun think you may be out of ketosis as you ate carbs drinks as much as you can draw a line under it and back on the wagon we,ve all been there dont feel bad about it