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Help please... so dizzy

Can anyone help me please?! I am feeling incredibly dizzy and sick today, and I dont know why. I'm on 790 and have been feeling for the last week or so that I actually do need carbs... I'm not sure I want to go on with this any more seeing as I'm almost at goal. Anyone else experienced such dizziness and nausea on 790? I just dont know what to do :cry: I have to try to work but I feel too sick...
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OK - will ask the obvious question so don't be offended - are you pregnant? If not how is the water intake - ketosis leads to low blood pressure which can cause horiible dizzyness but if you are drininking enough then it may be time to move up plan - your BMI looks like you should already be on 1000cal - you don't have enough fat left to be on only shakes and protein!
Hi Kerrie, thanks for your reply, no I'm not pregnant lol!! Also drinking my 3-4 litres of water too, so I know its not that. Just had to lie down as I cant walk in straight line... got up thinking I was better but no, going to lie down again.
Then you probably have stayed on SS/790 a bit too long. When I was on LL a girl in my group felt that way and ended up passing out in the shower and obviously on CD we are expected to move up plan I think so maybe that would help? Otherwise a trip to the doctors!


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I think Kerrie's got a good point. You maybe need to reassess the plan you're on. Possibly go up one. You don't have too much more to lose, it's maybe just your body's way of saying it needs a bit more.
By the way your photos are fab, congratulations on your weight loss so far.:)
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Hi, i think you really need to move up the plans NOW... perhaps you should maybe go to the docs this afo and get your bp and blood sugar checked? or pop down to lloyds pharmacy they do it there too!

congrats on your loss, but please please move up to atleast 1000cal, have some carbs now too!! hope you feel better soon, please let us know ..

take care xx
Thanks guys :)
I had a bit of pasta earlier and that helped a little - still feeling very dizzy but at least i can walk now! Would have gone to the doctors but I couldnt drive and its 4 miles away lol. Will see how i feel in the morning, hoping the carbs and a good nights sleep will do the trick!


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I get occasional dizzy spells on SS, but literally only that head rush thing when I first stand up, I have to hold onto something for a few seconds so I don't fall over and then it passes. usually it's when I've been slacking a bit on the water. it definitely doesn't last like yours has been so I'd get that checked out.. at least by having your sugars checked you can make sure it IS the diet causing it and nothing more serious..

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