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help please

I have been on sw for 4 months and lost 7lb and im feeling im never gonna get this five stone off im active in my job and at home running after my toddler!! i need some tips for some good weight losses to get me motivated again!! Ideas please will give anythin a whirl. Slimming world is by far the best eating plan for me as there is minimal weighing!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome loopylea82!

I have moved your post to the Slimming World forum as it will get more attention here.

Hopefully someone will be along shortly that can help.

Well done on losing 7lbs:happy096:


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Go back to basics and pretend this is your first week. The best tip is basically just to follow the SW as it is set out.

Write down everything that crosses your lips so we can spot if you are going wrong somewhere.

Prior preparation and planning prevent p*ss poor performance - plan your menu for the week and shop only for what you need for those meals. This really helps when you have a busy lifestyle as you don't need to think about what to eat and so are less likely to revert to old habits.

Variety in all things is key - when you've been doing a plan for a while it is easy to get into a rut. So try new HEs, new foods, and new recipes to keep it fresh and interesting. My mother always said "only a boring person gets bored" and it's true.

Eat lots of superfree and superspeed foods to maximise your losses. And make sure you drink enough water during the day.

If you have one bad meal or bad day, don't let that become a bad week. Successful slimmers are those that jump right back on the wagon and carry on. But if this does happen, think about why it happened and plan in advance for what you will do when that situation happens again.

Good luck!
Slow & Steady weight loss is always the best way to lose I think, I have a similar amount to lose as you, and would probably feel quite down if I was you - though any weight loss should always be applauded. I'd recommend you do a food diary on here and then people can have a look at it and point out if you are going wrong anywhere. Maybe you aren't eating enough for example. Are you attending group, and if so, have you spoken to you Consultant about it - they should be able to give you some tips as well Either way, SW is a great healthy eating plan. Chin up hun x


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I agree with Circes, and as u can see she really knows what she is talking, she has lost an amazing 103lb, thats fab

firstly congrats on the 7 lb u have lost so far thats brill,

I deffo think the key is writing everything down, I have had great weight losses the week I have done this :) so I try to do it as much as possible

why dont u get out ur book, go through it with a pen and mark all the super speed foods that u like and try to have them in every meal ( if u can) just to give u an extra boost

maybe u could switch to red and green days just to see if this helps, :)

are u deffo counting all ur syns, sometimes we can get a wee bit relaxed about it and forget what we have already ate

really try to mix things up this week but remember how well u have done so far, and congrats urself on that

good luck :)
i think cos i dont see a big loss i get disheartened and i try to make smaller targets but that doesnt seem to help!! will plan this week and write evrythin down and see how i go x x


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Your not the only one, my losses are small, sometimes I don't lose anything, I too get dishearten, but I'm learning now not to give up, I now don't care how long it takes, as long as I know that I am doing my best, as long as I can be true to myself and stay on plan it's ok.

I prefer to lose a pound week or every other week but never to gain. I made a hugh mistake at Xmas, I came off plan for two weeks and gained 9lbs otherwise before that I nearly reached my two stone mark since joining in May 2010.

Easter is coming and believe me, it's gonna be hard cos kids are home, on top of that it's an extended holiday due to the Royal Wedding, this will be my big test!

So my message to you is don't get dishearten, come here when down, you need to fight this feeling just be proud of what you've achieved so far and just think if you lost 7lbs double it in a couple of months and that's 1 stone lighter.

All the best


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Hi kingleds,

This has been my firs week on slimming world and i have learned a lot.

You need to plan your whole week. Meal by mea. Snack by snack. Then go to the supermarket and by this stuff only.

If you plan, if you have the food at home, there is no excuse to eat anything else.

Drink lots of water, just to hydrate your body and get rid of any toxins you might have. Does make you feel good too.

Start your diary in the diary section. People are wonderful here and will help you when they stop areras that need improving.

Lastly, dont give up hope. Think about how good it will feel when you reach your target weight. Nothing will beat that feeling.

I wish you all the best.


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