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Help please

hey i statred the diet today
im doing the extra easy option
upto now ive had
dinner-plain jacket potatoe and a packet of walkers baked crisp which i belive are 5 syns ?
and for tea im going to have sw chips and bacon with brocolli and carrots

am i doing ok ?

also what are super free food ?
and are eggs free ?

thankyou so much
im a bit stuck as im doing this diet on my own like im not going to meetings im jsut goin of research :)
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Hiya & welcome,


check out the sticky I've attached - it should help loads.

I personally don't think you've eaten enough but if what you had satisfied you (without rumbles in the tum) - fair s'nuff. However, your lunch lacked superfree (fruit & veg mainly) as spuds aren't counted - - they're free but not superfree.

Also, you've not included anything from the Healthy Extra range - A = Dairy & B = Fibre. The link will help with this area too.

Yes - eggs are free as long as they're not cooked with oil.

Good luck
Hi, if u are doing extra easy you need eat lots more fruit and veg! With your jacket fill your plate with loads of lettuce,toms,cucumber etc etc
Snack on fruit through the day, get your food optimising book out and have a good read of it, it really helps. The eating plan really works it truly is brilliant :) good luck
arww thanks thats great
so if i had salad and a piece of fruit with my jacket potatoe thats better ?

i had egg but just scrambled it with no oil :)
i think im getting the hang of it jsut really wanna loose weight ;/

can you reccomend any lunch ideas ?
is passata free ?
thankyou!!!! x
You'd have to syn brown bread - it's only wholemeal from 400g loaf that you can have 2 slices of (or a 2oz wholemeal bun/bap/roll). Asda & co-op own brand pitta can also be used as a HEb too (only 1).

Salad would be great with a spud. Baked beans with some cheese is a fav filling of mine. The cheese can come from your HEa allowance or you could syn it if you use a full milk allowance for cereal & drinks etc.

There are various threads you can have a mooch in for ideas for lunch/dinner etc - apart from having a peek in other's Food Diary, there's a thread "What have you eaten for breakfast/lunch/dinner". The recipes thread is brill too - I've picked up some scrummy ideas from there.
The weight watchers Danish brown bread you can have 3 slices for your healthy b choice.
Today I've had:
B choice - Fruit and fibre cereal and A choice - milk
Banana, apple
2 slices of Lean ham and loads of salad
Pasta in a tomato, onion, garlic and bacon sauce made by me!
2 mangos
Half punnet of raspberries
Half punnet of grapes
Coconut and chocolate muller light yogurt

You can eat a lot on this eating plan, don't feel like you can't eat cause you can and don't think of it as a diet!

Don't you go to a slimming world group then? I would really recommend it as you get so much support it's brill x
The book says (and discussed with C) you can have 57g of ANY wholemeal bread.
If you cut the crusts off a normal loaf - it weighs 57g and tastes much better than the thin slices in the 400g loaf
The best advice is to go to a group - at least once. If you go & join up it costs £9.95. You get talked through the plan, and given the books explaining it all. Its then £4.95 a week afterwards if you can afford to continue going. Thats a McDonalds or KFC meal once a week, or 1/2 a takeaway, or 10 chocolate bars :)
thankyou all so much
i dont go to meetings as im not very confidant :(
ive found lots of stuff online and with help from people on here :)

ok so 2day ive had

porridge for brekfast out of my HE

dinner i had jacket potatoe with beans and loads of sald

for tea im just cooking beef with loads of veg and potatoes
im going to have a mullerlight after it

snacks ive had are a banana,tangerine,3 slices of ham
and ive used syns for a pack of baked crisp

hope im doing ok ?? x
Looks like you have it sussed! I've learnt that the key to extra easy is listening to your tummy, I found it really hard at first to stop eating when I felt full after years of eating to the point of bursting! I've got the hang of it now and the weight is coming off which in turn is making me stay on track! Every time I plan a meal I tell myself 1/3 super free! Good luck with it, this site is amazing!! X
i hope so :)
yeah im trying to with dinner and tea like do either salad or veg with it :)
i hope i loose somthing going to wiegh myself on monday :/
this site is brill so helpfull to me already only used it for 2 days :)
im really gratfull for ur help hun cheers ! x
Hiya, you're doing well and one day you'll realise that you don't really have to think about it.

On EE you need to have SF with every meal - including brekkie. Porridge is good but you need to have something with it - perhaps 1/2 grapefruit, a banana, or a handful of frozen mixed fruit (cools porridge down whilst porridge defrosts it!).

If you're into it, why not have a great big 'fry-up' for a weekend treat or mid week dinner with SW chips. You can grill most items or simply use one-cal spray to fry. Toms, onion & mushrooms can provide your SF while bacon, egg & beans (even home made hash browns) are Free. There's a thread on here all about the syns in various brands of sausage so you're bound to find one or two you'll like that have minimal syns.


I can haz cake?
The best advice is to go to a group - at least once. If you go & join up it costs £9.95. You get talked through the plan, and given the books explaining it all. Its then £4.95 a week afterwards if you can afford to continue going. Thats a McDonalds or KFC meal once a week, or 1/2 a takeaway, or 10 chocolate bars :)
Agreed, you really need to go to a class to get someone to explain it and to fire questions at. While generally speaking, minimins is reliable, you may end up getting information that is wrong.. I've seen a lot of differing opinions on lots of foods and topics here. Really the classes are not bad and everyones there for the same reason x

I always stand by doing a plan 100%, not just gathering bits and pieces that may or may not be right.
thanks for that girls but im going to see how i do myself on it im doing ok upto now :) and my friend does go to the group too so i can her for tips too
im jsut dont feel comftable going to the group im really not confidant anough to go and i aslo have a toddler who is very clingy haha!
thanks everyone :) xx
How's everyone doing? I've had a good few days. Not 100% but lots better than I had been and as i getting used to the plan i pleased with myself. Not to sure about wi on Monday but a girl has to start somewhere!

Right now tho the 'little voice' keeps saying eat the muffin, eat the muffin. Any ideas to help with cravings?

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