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I am right fussy cow with my foods so i do extra easy days i started this diet on tuesday as waqs getting too low oin lipotrim (no eatting) so thought i would do this to maintain what i have lost and to lose more for my wedding in 3 months. i had a turkey bacon toasted sandwich with tad bit of mayo on toasted bread (for heath extra) but now i am not sure what to have for lunch as i have already had 2 1/2 syns for my breakfast im having home cooked chicken in black bean sauce and rice for dinner which is also syns i have lived on omlettes all week and potatoe skins or the club sandwiches and now i am stuck on what to have for lunch that will fill up i keep thinking if i dont get my head round this red and green day thing then i am not going to stick to it but i want to but i cant face the same foods again thats why i stopped lipotrim as it was same flavours and now im having same meals which i dont want? i dont like pasta not keen on rice couldnt have it twice in a day. can anyone surgest on what they eat on extra easy days and if it has syn values??
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You are allowed between 5-15 syns a day, so you have lots to spare for today.

You could try some soup as you are used to liquids, that would be a good fill up for lunch (and you could use some syns up too) or maybe eggs, either boiled, scrambled, omlette, hard boiled on a salad etc, all eggs are SF food and you can eat them every day, good luck to you.


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This week on EE i've had home made scotch eggs and salad (about 1 syn an egg), baked potato with beans, ham and cheese (28g cheddar HExA) salad, bacon ceasar salad (tesco light choice ceasar dressing 1 syn per 2tblsp), omelette and slimming world chips, stir fry beef with superfree veges and noodles, egg+beans+quorn sausage+little fried (with frylight) potatoes, and i'm having curry tonight and full roast dinner with beef, roast spuds, sweetcorn, greens, peas, carrots and gravy (quarter pint made with granules but no fat, 2.5 syns). One of my other faves is large new potatoes baked in their skins with dairylea xtra light triangles (6 triangles for HExA) mashed in when cooked, and some ham or gammon on the side. I fill up on 0% greek yogurt mixed with fruit, and eat lots of fresh fruit too. I'm a big believer in eat plenty and my weight loss has been good, 0.5 away from my stone in 5 weeks. You could always get a magazine and follow the weeks plan to get you going? Hope this helps. Good luck.
thanks all sounds nice for someone who like i hate salad im having me roast tomorrow ended up having ham omlette for lunch im too fussy maybe this diet wasnt right for me due to me being so fussy if i see another egg tomorrow im either likly to scream or just throw up.


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Have you taken a good look around the book and looked at all the free foods? What stuff do YOU like, what do you WANT to eat. The whole idea of Slimming World is it is not a diet its a change in the way you eat food, its a change in lifestyle. With the volume of free foods you can have it should suit anyone fussy or not so fussy (unless you only want to live off Big Macs & KFC, although there are just as nice home made versions you can have if you like to cook!) You just need to look at what you like and build the plan around you :)

I don't really embrace it as I should but there are lots of members here who cook and make fantastic meals that you would never call diet foods, take a peek at the recipe section, there are also a good few pictures there as well. On Extra Easy I have chillis, curries, chinese, mixed grills, meat & veg, fish & veg, various soups, sausage & chips etc etc.

When I eat plentiful I tend to lose weight easily, but I am terrible for not really thinking about it, not getting stuff in etc. However now I am working I am hoping I can fit more good meals into plan and have good snacks at work as well :)


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SW chips go with everything! Baked beans, you can have all kinds of cold/hot meat. Salmon, tuna, chilli (I adore chilli) You don't HAVE to have salad, do you like pasta? You can make great salads with it to take as a pack up. Couscous salad. I've had a massive one for lunch with loads of chopped veg and half a can of mixed beans. Hummus is a healthy extra, put it on ryvita, or Philly light is a HEA for 56g. The garlic and herb one is nice stirred into hot pasta. I often take a potato salad for lunch, on EE you can put meat /fish/ cheese in it, the list is endless!
na i cant stand pasta lol. thank you for the info on the recipes im gonna have a look over there, i had a prawn jacket potatoe with manonaise i just need to find loads of food i like so i can various it and now i know about the recipes thats where i am off to now thank you so much xxx

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