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  1. *Louise*

    *Louise* Full Member

    Hi everyone, i done the diet last year and done really well. i have put on nearly 2 stone and trying to get back on the diet, i have failed the last 2 weeks.

    Has anyone got any advice on restarting i am finding it hard, i am brill all day then eat at night.
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  3. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    What are u finding hard?? are u ssing??
  4. boardwitless

    boardwitless Silver Member

    Why not try 'starting' your day at a different time - say 6pm to 6pm? Otherwise work down through the plans sticking to low carb food to get you into ketosis without the extreme hunger before getting into SS (if that's what you are doing).
    Good luck
  5. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    Perhaps start with an 810 week to get your body used to no carbs, and then work down to SS.

    Alternatively if nights are your problem, arrange to do stuff in the evening to get you out. (Depending on commitments)
  6. Blingbabe

    Blingbabe Back On Track!

    The first week is so hard, I really do empathise here. I don't think I had a formula this time, being a person that has previously struggled to start and sometimes given up on day 1.
    I think that this time I was just so determined. I had (and still have) a wardrobe full of nice, good quality clothes at size 12, most of which has never been worn, plus the perfect accessories to accompany. However, I was miserably traipsing about in horrible (I wouldn't buy anything decent as I found it hard to accept my weight) elasticated size 16 clothes that really should have been an 18 to avoid the nasty bulges that added to my woes!
    So somehow, I forced myself (a greedy glutton, I'm sorry to say) to endure the first week until the feelings of hunger lifted (but others get into ketosis much quicker).
    Keep busy, daily pampering baths, read novels, watch TV, household chores, early nights, hanging out on minimins - anything that distracts.
    However, the ideas for a more gradual step into full SS sound good.
    Best of luck!
  7. thinny2be

    thinny2be Full Member

    I think we are all different in the way we tackle the first few days. For me I, like you, couldn't get past day one and in the end decided to take a Friday off work so that I had a long weekend to get myself into ketosis. I also have a weight loss diary and entered my weight and my feelings on day one and told myself to be strong and carry on no matter what. I still go back to that day when I feel a cheat coming on and it does keep me strong. I found day 3 was my crap day and I just stayed in bed and watched DVDs and pampered myself by having a nice bubble bath. By Monday felt better, weighed myself and had lost about 4 pounds so knew I could carry on.
    I think you need to get your head in gear before you start, really want to do it.
    Best of luck x
  8. Hayley 22

    Hayley 22 would like to be slim

    Sorry to hear your struggling, The first few days / week is hard.
    My distractions were hot baths with a new book :) Finished the book in my first week now on my second haha.
    Also id come on here, id decorate my nails, clean or even watch a DVD in the bedroom and get snuggly with my laptop so i didnt want to get up out of my nice warm pit, even if it was 7pm. This was purely to avoid smelling or seeing what my OH was eating.

    I have been 100% and now on day 11. I even sat right next to my boyfriend last night while he ate a medium sized pizza and chicken dippers with wedges...... I didnt fancy it at all.

    Plus i was slightly engrossed with Flash Forward lol.

    Everyone is different though, so try different things. Has your CDC offered any suggestions?
  9. trisha

    trisha likes to post

    hi I'm on day 3 of yet another restart, I put on about 10 lbs over the course of a year, and now I'm determined to get to goal. Everyone is different and has different ways of getting over the first few days, for me I think I need about a week to get into it, I've not made it past 3 recently, before I caved in and cheated, this time I'm going to keep myself busy, I'm on a weeks holiday this week, so I'm going to go to the gym quite a bit, and maybe shopping - looking at "slim" clothes just might motivate me to get there
  10. alfakiwi

    alfakiwi Member

    I am restarting too and have lots of things planned to do in the upcoming nights (which are hard for me too!). I have started knitting and making sweet little handmade tiny teddies for Chritmas decorations (I'm 27, knitting can be cool! ha ha). I find that if I make something that is going to make someone else happy, I am more focussed on finishing it....less time thinking about wanting to eat. Dvds, books, online time and doing those things you always want to do, but never find the time. My house is extremely clean! I have also bought some yummy apple room spray. It puts me off wanting to eat what is cooking! Hope this helps xx
  11. jules75

    jules75 Full Member

    Hi there, I've restarted and had a blip already however the advice on here is fab, I've been told to forget about it and move on!! I must admit i'm really finding it difficult this time, last time seemed a breeze. I guess just keeping busy is helping me through at the minute, day time is fine, its the nights that get me. I just hope I can get through this first week!

  12. Witchy

    Witchy ButtERfly

    I used to struggle on a night, the fridge would never shut up all night taunting me, so i took myself off to Boots and bought some pamper products, like firming creams and Sanctuary Spa body wrap once a week to major shrink my shink.

    Long baths and spend time on yourself, like the things we never do, lots of pedicures and pampering.

    While we are dieting we need to look after ourself as well for the great transfirmation.

    Good luck with it all
  13. jules75

    jules75 Full Member

    That sounds like heaven witchy, I dont think I can remember the last time I had a pamper night!!! I'm quite an avid reader so I might take myself off in search of a good book later on ( once the housework is done ofcourse )

  14. *Louise*

    *Louise* Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for all your advice, i am back on the diet this morning and feeling fine and have had 1l of water.

    Glad it aint jus me who is struggling on the re-start.

    After reading all your positive posts i really want to do this, as i feel horrible weighing 13.4, but i suppose thats better than weighing 13.10 at the end of last month.

    I got down to 11.9 last time and felt fab, jus want that feeling again.:cry:
  15. Witchy

    Witchy ButtERfly

    You will do great x
  16. jules75

    jules75 Full Member

    Hi louise, I know exactly how u feel, I felt fab after last time and can't wait to feel that way again, my problem and the reason im back is that I didnt work up the plans and thought I could eat what I wanted, erm no way!!! Dont know why my style of writing has suddenly changed ( im not very good with comps ) Anyway I find coming on here keeps me occupied, even if I'm just browsing and reading everything everybody else is up to. I hope things get easier for you, ive got my fingers crossed

  17. Witchy

    Witchy ButtERfly

    Yep I did the same thing, thought I could go it alone and wham all back on again so restarted and when im ready will go up the plans properly.
  18. jules75

    jules75 Full Member

    That was my complete downfall witchy however it didnt help that I was completely ill advised by my c.d counsellor ( i have a new one now ) My BMI was 23.6 and she still had me on just 3 shakes a day, I was basically starving, I should have been working up the plans but she thought it was a good idea to keep me where I was at till I was at goal. I lost faith completely, hence me de-railing and giving up!! This time my lovely c.d lady has promised me she wont fail me so im going for it

  19. Witchy

    Witchy ButtERfly

    Ouch thats not good, but glad you have a new lady who will help you so good luck hun you will do it x

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