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Help!! Staying away from temptation!!!!

I sat through a 5 course meal last night with 100 other people (dads birthday) just taking water and I was very pleased with myself for doing so great. Most of my family have now decided to stay until Wednesday before I head on holidays and today they had a fry up in the morning, steak lunch, ice-cream for afters and tonight I am throwing a party and cooking a dinner for 20 and thank god I havent failed as yet but god there is another 4 days left of this and I am hoping I can still stay strong. My dad asked me earlier was I ok and why I wasn't eating so I just said I wasn't hungry, I am hoping they wont get suspicious later on in the week. Just finished making black forest gateu and apple pies for the party and they look delicious................please help!!!
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You are SO STRONG!!
Don't worry about the next few days Hun, you've already proved your strength.
You CAN do this, and you'll be a stunning bride next year xxxx
I know exactly how you feel, i did exactly the same 2 weeks ago, everyone knew though and I think they all assumed I would fold and kept commenting on my amazing will power, it was that thought that made me so determined to do it to prove that I could do it and would not fail (I have found it more difficult when on my own and nothing worth eating in the house!!)

You can do it, show them all your will power and determination, its really really difficult but do it
Pam - How did ya get through?

Thanks to all, ill keep in touch along the way when I can escape to the kitchen.
Oh MISS!!! Tat is temptation at its worse! I really hope you stay strong. Just focus on that horrid sister in law and that should keep you going. Think of Dubai feeling lbs lighter and prouder.

Come on -prove you're as strong as we all know you are!
Well got through that great and was really proud, kept myself busy by providing second helpings, wine and tea. Everyone was telling me to sit down and have something to eat but I told them I had mine earlier so I could dish out the food to everyone, god forgive me for lying!! Another 4 days to go, thanks guyz for the support!!
Your 'lies' are hurting no one and I am so so proud of you for getting through it! Well done missy! Well well done! :D
well done you have the power of strength and determination the 4 days will pass.
Day two, more fry ups, the smell nearly killed me this morn I was about to puke-still hanging on a thread!!
But hanging in there nonetheless! Good on ya! Think, while they're lining their insides with fat and grease you are being healthy and getting slim. You are by far in a better position woman -dont give up!
Yea I know I was just thinking that this is what I used to eat and thank god the smell of it is making me sick, right now we are off shopping-I hope we dont eat out or im buggered again:cry::cry::wave_cry: - I will keep yas updated, take care
Goodness -its like the world is conspiring against you! Keep strong -I'll be thinking of you. ;)


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Omg poor you it must be really difficult waiting on all your guests!! esp them not knowing your on LT...where are you getting the strengh?? all i can say is well done your doing fab!! i wouldn't want to be in your shoes,good luck with the rest of the week!!! caz xx

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