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Help to change font and colour please?


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Can anyone please tell me how to change the font and colour?
I go into User CP, edit signature, click on font style, (change it and colour) Then click save signature, but it never saves it!
Hi Cathy :)

Are you highlighting all your text before you alter the font and colour? I know I forget to do that first sometimes

Lacey :)


Ancient Egypt Nut!
If it is just to post a reply anywhere then you can alter the font size and colour at the top of your text box before you start and your words wil begin with your choice.

If you are typing like this, with the font size and colour set to this default, then if you wanted to alter a word, like this say, then I just held down my left mouse button,dragged over and highlighted those two words, then went up to font, colour and altered them.:)

Hope this makes sense? If you're still having probs, please shout up again :)


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Cheers, Isis, it's all clear now, thanks xx
You're welcome :)

I know it's not easy getting to grips with some features so 10/10 for perseverance:D:D:D

Lacey..xx :)
Yay for it getting sorted! Coloured font is pretty :)
You can't, you have to change it for every post.
No problemo doll :)

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