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Help to quit smoking?

You don't, IMHO! It's just a red rag to a bull when people suggest you give up. Saying things like 'it's for you health', or 'I love you and I worry about you' have no effect whatsoever! The smoker just feels guilty and needs another cigarette! I assume you have never smoked. It's a hideous habit to kick and the desire to quit has to come from yourself. We are all VERY aware of the dangers today and there is so much help out there. The only thing I would suggest is that you buy a packet of nicorette patches and leave them lying about. Just in case the person would like to try....... but NEVER ask if they have! Buy Allen Carr's book The Easy Way and leave that lying about too. I do hope that this person manages to give up. It will be the best thing they ever do for themselves.
If you haven't already, ban smoking inside the house. From now on, make yourself and your partner smoke outside. This kind of "breaks" some habits (smoking first thing in the morning, smoking after a meal) and makes breaking more easier.
After a meal and first thing in the morning, try to force yourself to go an extra 30 min to an hour without allowing yourself a cigarette. The more "habits" you break, the easier it will become to cut back dramatically. When you are down to say... five cigarettes a day - imagine how much easier it will be to cut down to 2.. then 1... . then ... poof! No more.

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