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Hi all,
Ive read alot of your posts and this sounds like a great place to get support.
Well im 16st and need some help in deciding what diet to do. Have done them all, love Slimming world but the last few times ive done it i dont seem to lose weight, or do then put on even when on plan.
I cant decide whether to do Rosemarey conelly or Weight watchers. Im currently starting to walk and using this as my exercise. I have a nike + which helps to keep track and im determined to keep it up but need help decideding on diet.

Ive heard the new diet for RC is really good and you get great results but which one do you all find the easiest.

I would really appreciate your help

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I hear what you say about SW, but I've tried a few and SW worked best for me.
Well, I say that as after a few years I;m back where I started, but I've rejoined SW and I still think it's the easiest way to lose weight for me.
I think adding exercise is the biggest single advantage you'll give yourself on any 'diet', as it will improve the daily calorie deficit required to lose weight, so the walking thing is a big plus.

Good luck.


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I've tried the slimming world diet and although it was really good, and i did loose weight i didnt feel the results were fast enough!
Im currently on the LighterLife diet, it's worked really well so far!
At the moment i'd recommend it to anyone =)

Mumma K

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Hello and welcome to the forum, I hear what your saying I think with some people all the free food on SW can send out mixed messages and its very easy to go a bit overboard with it I found it very hard to reaconise when I was fulland to stop eating if it was on my plate I have to finish it :D
I think with choosing a plan it has to be something that works for you with me its weight watchers because nothing is off limits as long as you keep within your points allowance

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Hi and welcome to the site, I am doing the Weight Watchers diet, I have been on it for 6 months and have lost 4 stone 7 and a half pounds (can't forget the half a pound). I still have my alco. and sweets and crisps in my points, you can eat anything on this diet as long as you point it, and it is in your points. It does take a while to get use to the points in the foods, but it is worth it, I have never be on the Rosemary Connelly diet, so I can't comment on that, may be go to there site and get more information on it, whatever you decide good luck on your weight loss journey