Help With Ranch Dressing Syns!


Im in need of some help working out the syns on my homemade ranch dressing!
Ive just started back slimming world, but am quite addicted to my ranch dressing! im not quite sure of the syns

The ingredients are;
1/2 cup buttermilk
3/4 cup mayo (could use 'lighter than light')
3/4 cup soured cream (again can get low fat)

The rest is herbs and seasonings which i know are free!

Also If you have any ideas at how to reduce the amount of syns, it will be greatly appreciated! :D
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All of the contents will be 1 syn per 20 calories as none of them have free food in, so you can just work it out depending on how much of what you use.

Assuming a cup is 240ml? (Im not used to American measurements)

- 1/2 cup Buttermilk = 120ml = 2.5 syns
- 3/4 cup Lighter Than Light mayo = 180ml = 6.5 syns
- 3/4 cup normal sour cream = 180ml = 19 syns
I can find a Tesco light version which works out at 6 syns per 100ml so something like that would be about 11 syns

So that makes about 20 syns for the whole 480ml which is 32 level tbsps. So about 0.625 syns per level tbsp IF you use low fat everything, so 2 level tbsps will be 1.5 syns.

Have I got that right? Aggghh too much caculating for ma this morning!

I guess youre in the US, so you'd need to check the nutrition values on your varieties of this stuff. Whatever brand you use you just need to work it out at 1 syn per 20 calories and make sure you use pretty exact amounts and level tbsps with such syn-rich stuff.



thank you so much for working that out, because i couldnt!! lol
at 1.5 syns for 2 level tablespoons, i think thats quite good because its plenty for a salad i think, its so yummy!
will deffo use lighter than light mayo and reduced fat soured cream but not sure there is a reduced fat buttermilk!
this dressing is so good on everything from steaks, chicken, to pasta and salad :D
thanks a lot for your help


oh and no im in uk but hubby is from usa and i lived there for 5 1/2 years so just have that mindset sometimes lol even though im now back home