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help with refeed


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hi can anyone help me. i have been feeling terrible on tfr got no energy aching all over so today i went to pharmacy to get weighed lost another 5lbs so thats 1st and half in 3 weeks but i can`t go on feeling like this. If i was to do 2 maintence products and a lowfat evening meal like chicken salad and ate no carbs would i still loose weight.
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You are just having a little blip, just plod on and you will be fine, dont think about changing yet and well done on your loss


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Hi hun, yes you would still lose weight, BUT could you really, honestly restrict yourself to just a little bit of chicken and some salad? Its a very slippery slope once you start to introduce food and it could lead to going back to the way you ate before.

As fattothin says, its just a temporary blip, think of what you will lose over the coming weeks, you have done so well so far, don't give in to temptation yet hun, I know its a difficult diet but it is soooooo worth it once you finally get to goal and look back - its only a short time out of your life and it will be a life changing moment. Give it really serious thought darling x x x


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sorry i spelt loose wrong unlike me lol


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feel really terrible at mo and depressed i know i have had great loses but having to work nearly 45 - 50hrs a week as well. I`m beginning to feel sick when eating shakes. so i will try the 2 shakes and a meal for a couple of weeks and see how i get on then maybe get back into it. i have a big family wedding on the 19th july.


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I agree with the other posters, stick with the tfr. Weight loss on maintenance can be very slow or non existent (look at my ticker) and I found that once you are allowed eat you tend to want to keep eating. I found also that I was hungry all the time when doing the maintenance (bar for brekkie and soup for lunch, then low fat meal), chemist advised me this week to switch my eating habits and go for low fat/calorie meals and come off the maint prods to see how I get on. So Im going the low gl route for next couple wks and see what happens. I hope to go back on tfr in sept when I can fully commit to it for a few wks to lose the last of my weight.


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Sarah I'm sorry to hear you are having a rough time but you do need to give it another chance. While you would lose weight on maintanence it would be way slower and there is always the temptation to eat something other than chicken and salad.

For the fastest results you need to stick 100% to LT. So hang in there and reassess after another week, if you can.

Good luck Hun.



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Dont be down hun!!!!!! We all get off times, but its worth the struggle. If you want the new slim you you gotta be tough with yourself. I have to tell myself that every day. Im worth it and im doin it for me. Your worth it too, so what do you want the most?????? x


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I agree with the others. I have it first hand, look at my ticker. Stay on the diet as long as u can. U'll find it hard enough to maintaine u weight let alone lose as well.
u'll be grand. keep it going.

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