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Help !!!!!

I cant believe i could have been so stupid but while I was giving the kids their dinner (Said id wait for hubby later) my son didnt eat about ten chips on his plate and before i knew it they were dipped in ketchup (pure sugar) and i woffed them :cry:. The problem now is im looking at the bickies press thinking ah just one wont hurt !!!!!!!!!! . You know where that leads to BINGE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it was the sugar in the ketchup that has set me craving again . Its crazy . I have just removed myself from the kitchen and even writing this has quelled the craving a bit. I am going to go now and have a cool pint of water and decide what I am going to eat for dinner and late snack tonight and thats it.!!

Why do I do this to myself.:cry: well I suppose at least now i know the signs and nipped it in the bud. I had been so good today as well. went to the gym this morning and worked off about 250 cals on treadmill and bike.

Feel free to whopass now Jan and Mary !!!!!
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... and Tanya!!


Well whats done is done you cant reverse it.

Very good though that you now know your trigger point and extremely well done for removing yourself from the situation and not delving in for them biccies!!!! I was going to tell you to do exactly that and glug the water but seems like you are on top of it :)

How far into your refeed are you?

With things like this, next time take the plate straight to the bin or as soon as your son is finished tip a whole load of salt or juice or water or something over the chips so that when your walking to the bin with them you wont be tempted :) xxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Tut tut!!

But well done for resisting the biccies!!!
Thanks Tanya and chelly . I am finished refeed ages and am supposed to be at least maintaining and hopefully loosing another stone at least .!!!
p.S I love that whopass sign tanya ,it makes me feel like i have got a good smack . !!!!!!!!!!


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You're fine! You've sorted it!

All these 'blips' help you to ingrain in yourself what you need to do to help yourself. And remind you what NOT to do .... not a problem.

Next time just eat the chips LOL!!! xx
Thanks Jan. Now that I look at it a few hours later I suppose its a good thing i paniced and got myself away from the situation instead of just giving in to the binge.. Maby I am learning ... Coming on here and writing down my feelings helped too. Thanks guys . You are all lifesavers.


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Now I cant exactly give you a whooopasssing girl - can I? The one here who ate over half a packet of Cadbury's Heroe's the other night after my vodka!!

Well done for resisting the biccies though, there is nothing wrong with having a little bit of what you fancy, otherwise you will only feel deprived. Even though I ate all those choccies, I dont feel guilty about it, I needed my chocolate fix, I had my chocolate fix, and now I wont have another chocolate fix until my next chocolate fix.........lol.

Well done and dont worry about 10 chips and a little bit of ketchup.
Ya , I know what you mean Mary about a little of what you fancy but the fear for me is if i have a little bit ,I wont stop there.:sigh: it can then lead to an all out binge and it can take days again for me to regain control. I dont seem to have that control like you to say well I had my fix , thats it until the next one. (Id want more...more...more)

Now that I think about yesterday I am happy I didnt let it escalate in to an all out binge.Had my healthy breakfast of boiled egg and wholemeal bread this morning which should set me up until lunch .

That feeling when you are in mid binge that you have no control and dont care anyway ,just get more in to your face is SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know what you mean - really I should be scared at what I done the other night, and probably if it hadn't been nearly bedtime, I could have escalated into an all out binge, so thankfully all was ok.

I do understand where you are coming from though, it is to easy to press that self destruct button even though we are aware of the dangers.
Exactly . Its great to hear that someone understands that thin line between having a slip and having an all out binge . Thanks Mary

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