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Hi everyone

This is my day 5, have been following the plan 100% until about 3 hours ago when i ate 2 rolo cookies and a piece of cake. Feel terrible that i haven't even made it to my first WI. I'm not sure how to proceed, will i still see good results if i stick with it or should i just give up?

The reason i'm doing it is, i'm supposed to be a bridesmaid at my mum's wedding in 8 weeks and i wanted to lose as much as possible before then.

Was feeling quite hungry and i had a headache, which i thought would wear off after 3-4 days? But most of all i think my cravings just got the better of me :(

Any advice?
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You should just forget about what happened 3 hours ago and continue with the diet as normal. You shouldn't have knocked yourself out of ketosis so just stick at it. You've done really well so far...
Exactly what Zareena has said!!

Move on from it, ya have done really well and I don't think it has kicked you out of ketosis. Learn from it and get back on the wagon, ya know ya can do it chick. We are all behind ya 100%. I'm on day five as well and day 3 killed me and was going to jack it all in but thankfully didn't so look forward to day 7 and we all will be spuring ya on to the finish line
Hi and welcome! You should stick with it and keep your water up. You should feel great in a few days and you will proberly regret it if you stopped x x
sorry to have to go against what others have said but you def will have knocked yourself out of ketosis, it's a very strict line of being in ketosis and not being in it, even having the cambridge bars can knock some people out of ketosis so after the foods you've eaten you will have knocked yourself out of it because they are high in carbs.

Sorry if that sounded negative just wanted to give you the right information.

On a more positive note don't give in, you should still see a really good loss at your weigh in so forget what's happened, carry on having your shakes as normal and hopefully there won't be too much damage caused :)

Good Luck

Everyone has a different level of carb tolerance (that is not a techie term LOL) and I have read that even around 70g net of carbs and you can still be in Ketosis.

However, even if you do go out of it you should be able to get back in very quickly - it won't take three days again as your glycogen stores are already low.

So pick yourself up and be kind to you - we're all human and make mistakes and beating yourself up over will not help.

Lots of water and onwards and downwards!!!
dont worry about it just keep going we all get cravings and i for one know i've given in to them more than once - don't beat yourself up just keep going you'll still lose weight -keep your eye on the goal it will get easier
you've done really well, the first week i tried to start i just couldn't you have! your doing great
As Amber34 said, even if you have knocked yourself out of ketosis it shouldn't take long for you to get back in if you stay on track!

Also, you can still lose weight when you are not in ketosis so you should still have a good result come first weigh in!


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ketosis or no ketosis you will still lose weight. You are eating less than 500 calories a day - no one can fail to lose weight eating that!

Draw a line under the cake and soldier on. You can do it!
Thank you all so much for your support. I've decided to call it a 'learning experience' and continue on, to make myself feel better i done 45 mins on my wii fit and drank some more water :) Tomorrow i won't make the same mistake as i now know that the taste of cake will not substitute for the disappointment i felt at myself for my blip.

Roll on Wednesday and my first WI :)

Thanks again all, very much appreciated ;)


Shut up Ethel
Sometimes I think its necessary to fall off just to see how hard the bump is. Now you know....climb back on the wagon, you'll be back in kt in no time - and you'll not do it again, will you <wags finger>


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