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like many women here i want to loose weight for my wedding day its not booked but we know we are gettin married in 2012 i just want to look drop dead gawju for my man as i love him dearly :) i want to loose 4 stone and im just looking for ppl like minded to support me through it as im rubbish with diets . my weight affects me in so many ways with clothes , sex lol just ont want somthing like this been a burden any longer the problem is i have no will power at all ! it dont help as my fella is some that can eat anythink and put no wieght on lol so the temptation is always there. im not on any particular diet cause i nevr stick to it anyone got any ideas how i can loose weight and feel great lol
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congrats on ur engagement. i am in the same boat!! we know when we wanna get married but haven't set a date and i want to lose 5 stone!!!! my OH is a lucky sod as he can stuff his face with fast food, takeaway, fizzy, crisps,choc and i swear i dont know where it goes!! sooooo unfair.

anyway i am a nightmare with dieting... i have tried them all... lipotrim (meal replacement...yuck!)weight watchers, atkins, zone, even healthy eating hehehe!!lol

decided last week gotta do something about it though and while chatting to one of my clients she recommended slimming world. i have kinda sworn off these kind of diets/plans as they can only work for so long but another of my clients has just lost 5stone on slimming world...naturally i was interested! problem comes as i work very long hours maintaining my business so i dont have time to attend classes. my client then produced some SW books that she used to use. said i could have them if i would try but if not to give them her back.

that was a week and 2days ago... i made a choice to have a go it seemed pretty straight forward. i am 3lbs lighter, not fely hungry once and more importantly not craving!! i have found its more a case of making a alternative choice as opposed to solid willpower.

anyway i know u said u cant do diets but neither can i...! give it a try... if u need support go to the meetings. im not saying its gonna always be this easy for me but to still be trying 9days in is a record for me!!!

i am not letting myself even look at wedding dresses until i am at least 3 stone lighter!! that is my reward!!! find something important to yourself and use it!!

anyway hope this helps and good luck whatever you choose!
hey helen yh i thought bout slimmin world but as u sed i work go to colleg and have a son so gettin to meeting would eb difficlu for a nstarter im startin the special k diet 2moz and im gonna stick to it this time i will let u know about my progress lol im hopin i stick to it all and everything goes well :D wish u the best of luck 2 mwah xxx

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