Hey guys, im new to slimming world- been doing it for 3 days now and i can not belive how much you can eat?! I swear im doing it wrong as im sure eating what I have you cant lose weight :)

Follwed everything properly so far as far as im aware but im sure I will not lose anything! Has anyone else felt like this at the start?

Im doing sw online so i dont go to classes so im using internet for everything so I have no consultant to ask! :confused:

Also, I ahve a red day tomorrow and im struggling with ideas for lunch?

Any help appriecated :)
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Hi and welcome! Everyone feels like that during their first week but you just have to have faith in the plan. After all we can't all be wrong! Why not post your food diary in the sub-forum at the top and people will check it over for you just to make sure you're not making any basic mistakes.


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If you are sure you are following the plan 100% do not worry you will get a loss!
Like any other person here will say, or who have already said - forget about any other diet when your worrying about how much food your eating. This is why we love SW!!
As for idea's with a red lunch not to sure about that, i seem to live off noodles for my dinner, but having a look at other peoples Food Diaries will give you some idea's!
Good luck with your weight loss x x
Thanks, yeah was going to have syn free quorn chilli for tea so was looking at something else for lunch- il find something!! Im gona post my diary so hopefully someone will go through it :)

Im really impressed though with what you can have and how flexible it also eating out on weds so gona have to work around that !!


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I feel the same!I've done it before though and it works;-)

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I also suggest looking at the food diary section, it will give you some ideas that you may not have thought about before.
Im doing this plan from home, although not a paying member as I have my Mum to ask and also the lovely people on here when ever I get stuck.
Good luck Hun, this plan really is as good as it sounds and you should never feel hungry at all!


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I felt like that at the begining. Comming from weightwatchers, where fruits and potatoes count.
I couldn't believe you can actually as much as you want and have free food such as muller fat free plus fat free chips and as many quorn sausages and eggs as you want..

I had paid for WW before and didn't last long on it because 4 weeks on it and did not lose weight at all.
I thought I'd give it a go from the slimming world magazines i've been collecting for a while now..I gave it a go and posted a food diary and i've already lost 2.5pounds!!
I usually lose weight very slowly, so this is fantastic.
I'm planning on joining my local group as this week of eating as much as i like has proved to be working!!
as the others have said, post us your food diary
good luck