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LL is £70 a week and you can only eat the foodpacks (4 a day), black coffee/black tea and lots&lots of water! It sounds expensive but if you add up what you are spending on food, drinks, snacks, meals out, takaways etc throughout 1 week most people find they make a saving each week (I do, by about £30!)

The foodpacks are:
Shakes: strawberry, chocolate, banana, vanilla

Soups: chicken, thai chilli, vegetable, mushroom

There is also porridge and chilli con carne packs.

None of the packs are like 'real' food (ie don't expect the choc shake to taste like a real choc shake!) but they are certainly passable and after about a week of having only the packs they start to taste better as they are all you are used to having.

After the first 3 days you can substitute 1 soup or shake for 1 bar per day, they are fruit (smooth texture), toffee (smooth texture), lemon (smooth texture), cranberry (crunchy/cumbly texture), peanut (crunchy/cumbly texture) and now a new nut-fudge one that I yet to try but sounds very nice from those who have!

At the meetings your LLC will do a mixture of TA (transactional analysis) and CBT (cognative behavioural therapy), which sounds complext but is basically just a bunch of mental exercises to help you identify why you have bad habits when it comes to food, and then how to help you change them into good habit and learn other coping methods for things besides eating. I think ladies' groups tend to do more than the mens groups, like watching DVDs and stuff too, the blokes just tend to have a chat about the week and how they are doing with the program.


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There is also tomato soup and you can add water flavours and a savoury drink (for more dosh) as well.

You get a booklet to work through with the group but the informal chatting with the group is really great as well. How good it is really depends on your counsellor and the people in your group.
There is also a new mousse mix thing which turns the milkshakes into potential Angel Delight type desserts. I am still experimenting with mine lol.

I have also been told that the fruit bar is being replaced with the new fudge bar which is a shame as I quite liked that one.
mousse mix thing?
what is that - how long has been about?
daisy x


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mousse mix thing?
what is that - how long has been about?
daisy x

It only came out this week. It has 34 extra calories per serving though!!

Extra £6 (i think) for the tub.

And it means that you know when you make a mousse at the moment, you reduce the water? Well you dont have to with this mousse mix aparently. So you get like a whole big bowl of mousse!! Num, num.

I might buy one next week.


Gotta Make A Change
Yeah i got the
mousse mix it can go very right or very wrong :)
So far I am stuck on very wrong! :banghead:

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