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Hi Amanda. Your doing great to have lost 11lbs in your first week! That should be your motivation alone! It certainly isnt the easiest diet in the world, but if you can take it week to week. You will definitely see great changes in the coming weeks :) xx
I was exactly the same with the flapjacks.
I get around it by crushing half a flapjack & adding it to half a warm shake. I have peanut with chocolate or coconut with vanilla. Add a couple of sweeteners & it's actually nice. Give it a go hun, nothing to lose.


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Hi Amanda,
It really is worthwhile sticking with the diet as the resukts are there to be seen!

There's no denying its hard, (I've just had to take the dog for a walk while family tucked into a chinese take away), but I find it hard sticking to any diet and will often bend the rukes, resulting in me not losing weight. With this there can be no bending of the rules, so in some way its easier!

Dont think long term, just take it one day at a time! And you'll be there before you know.
I couldn't do the flap jacks either i feel sick thinking about them, I found days in my second week when I thought I will never be ablt to do this as i missed food so much, but i'm on week 4 I am having a mini re feed next weekend as going away to watch my daughter play hockey for Wales so weekend with just me and my hubby so am looking forward to chicken and salad but in control!! keep at it the results start showing so fast it is defo worth it!!
Hi guys thanks so much for all the support, well you will be happy to know ive stuck it out and stayed on the diet I haven’t broke it, got weighed today and have lost a further 7LB which I am so happy about.i haven’t really notice the weight loss any where but my face, but hopefully I will see results next week.
So im in to week 3 now and hopefully ill have the will power to get through to week 4
Hey Amanda!
You're doing fantastic, 18lbs in 2 weeks is brilliant! You'd find it almost impossible to lose that much in a month on weight watchers or slimming world!
It is hard to start with, I felt just the same. When I got weighed on 4 January, I actually cried. My pharmacist told me I was 9 stone overweight. I actually thought what's the point, I'll never, ever lose that amount, but something inside of me wouldn't let me walk away from this. Just 12 weeks later, I've lost over 4 stone, and I actually find it really easy to do now. I don't have to stress about what I can/can't eat, don't need to weigh all my food, or count up points! Sure it's not always easy when the family are all sat down eating a nice roast dinner, or when friends are having a chinese/indian, but I just focus on how far I've come and the freedom I'll have when I reach the end of my journey, it really helps!
Stick with it hun, people will start noticing very soon!
awh thats really good, 4 stone is my ideal weight to lose i dont know weather i would have the determination to do it for 12 weeks!
Sure you can Amanda! If you survived the 1st week, you can survive anything!
Take each day as it comes. At the end of each day, I put a huge tick on my calendar and take a moment to celebrate a successful day. When I'm having a bad day, I flick through Jan & Feb & March on the calendar and see all the ticks, makes me feel really proud and determined - try it!


Just keep swimming ...
What a good tip Debbie....rushing out to buy calander now!

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