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Hi everyone,
Im really struggling today. Im on week 5 and have been doing really well. For some reason though today I want to eat and eat. I dont know why this is. Ive eaten 4 bars today, which I know Im not supposed to do, and had a porridge for my breakfast. I cant explain this feeling Ive got - I just need to eat something! Ive followed the diet to the letter and havent even had the urge to cheat or give up so whats happening to me???

There are 3 bars of chocolate in the cupboard and I can feel myself starting to make excuses to go and eat the lot!
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Determined to succeed
Oh Janie hang in there. Look how much you have been loosing every week. Its just a little blip. Try and get thru tonite and hopefully you will feel more positive when you get up in morning. Good luck hun
Please stay strong - you will feel so much better for it. Every now and then is a tough day - you just have to try and fight the urge, because you know its all in your head after 5 weeks.

Good luck hon - hang in there. THrow the chocolate in the bin and cover with diswashing liquid. Then you wont be able to be tempted. ;)



Determined to succeed
You have to remember we have had years abusing food and it doesnt all just disappear over nite. BLs idea of throwing them out wud be gud. Least that way you cant have any more. :D
hi there
you have done great each week - stick with it!

i seem to remember getting a bit down about week 5 as it seemed as if i had done well, but noone had noticed yet and i doubted that i really was getting slimmer

in a couple of weeks you will really start to notice the clothes getting looser - get rid of that chocolate!

daisy x
Janie - where's the chocolate?
Have you got rid of it?
Chuck it out ior give it away - NOW -
or it will speak to you.
You are doing so well. Stick with it. I found after about 2 stone it really began to notice and I felt so much better.
After that it was easy.
Hang on in there girl.


Determined to succeed
Hi Janie
Just wandering how u got on last night and if your feeling more positive today
Hi there ladies - just wanted to update. I DID resist the chocolate!!!! this is unheard of for me!!! Thank you all so much for your kind words of support. If it wasnt for all of your responses I think I would have definitely have given in.

Ive used all the chocolate up today in a big chocolate cake for the kids - it was very hard not to lick the bowl!!! but I managed it!

Thanks again SOOOOO much. Im now back on track and feeling stronger! xxxxxxxx
Hurrah Janie, well done YOU.
One strong woman. x


Determined to succeed
Well done Janie - proud of you :D

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