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Hi Gems,

That feeling go by the end of the week at the latest. So all you have to do is view this as an alcoholic or drug addict going through detox. It's a similar process as you are going to go through changes aswell as the way you view food and how you will most probably change the way you cook food for the family, including which ingredient you use.

I thought of food quite a lot up until day 5/6 but after that the yearn is not as strong and I am now spending more time in preparing more healthier meals for the family.

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This forum is for people who are doing TFR only without any additions. Any food should be discussed in alternative forums.

No cheats, blips or non-legal food talk is allowed in this section.

Any posts containing talk of cheats, blips or non legal food will be moved.

For those who are wanting to take a break from Lipotrim 100% you must post these discussions and your refeed ideas etc...in the Lipotrim Main Forum Lipotrim Forum - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum

This thread will get moved to the main section when one of the Mods for here sees it :)
bit harsh Mod I thought... it was only a comment... just my opinion!
anyways, good luck Gem, you will find the will power from somewhere deep.... :) we all been through it..
I found I was the same at the begining, but it'll get easier. I no longer look at food that way and feel quite detatched. You will lose your cravings too. I realised that my eating was mostly down to habbit and boredom. When you are thinking about food ask yourself are you really hungry. I think you'll find your not! Good luck.
Emma x
bit harsh Mod I thought... it was only a comment... just my opinion!
No radical it wasnt harsh, people on the 100% forum go there for a reason and honestly get quite angry and upset when food threads are started. You dont see the backlash we get as Moderators when people post about food on there ;) The 100% was created at members requests to avoid ALL mentions of food.

Was merely pointing this out to gem who as a new member didnt realise and as she cant be PMd it had to be done on the thread.

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