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Hit him over the head with a cushion!??? Might not stop him eating it but will make you feel a damn sight better :p

Picture the wrap covered in your most hated food? (mine is sprouts)
Ooooooooh I LOVE sprouts!!! Haha
It's ok he's finished now. Bless him he's usually good but I'm early to his house so he hadn't finished.

I imagine things mouldy....I HATE MOULD it makes me feel ill just seeing it!!

:) still got ma evening cappuccino shake to look forward to :) x
hit him over the head with something heavier than a cushion then take the wraps and run!!!! ok maybe not lol..... drink some more water (just for a change) leave him with the wraps n go have the hottest longest bubble candle bath!
Now you see.... that bath thing... does absolutely nothing for me! Wonder am I scarred from the memory of a bath I had when I was a kid; mum asked me to put on the immersion heater to heat some water before I went to school which I did. When I got home I was met with a clip around the ear as it turns out I had mistakenly hit the "bath" switch too so there was loads of extra hot water. My mum made me use it up by having the hottest bath ever and maid my older brother have one too! He then made my life a misery for the next week!

Never really found baths relaxing or pleasant since; but could fall asleep in a decent shower!
Oh dear that's not a happy bath story!!
With me it's a good book....long as I have something to read I'm fine. My sister has just loaned me all of the harry potter books so that should do me for a while :)


Slowly but surely x
The other half is sat eating chicken wraps :-(
I've got a rumbly in my tumbly!!

eeeks - did you eat me?!!! lol
LOL Kirsty - tis a fab name though!

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