Hi everyone, I could really do with some help and advice and I know you lot will always try and oblige. I've just about finished Foundation (I move into Development on Weds) and up until the last week or so I was doing fine, but now I've started craving food really badly (much worse then it has been up until now and I've had days when it's been bad!), this culminated in me buying a pizza the other day, chewing each mouthful and the spitting it out - I KNOW that can't be healthy.
The problem is that I then worried about it all week, convinced I'd ruined the whole diet and knocked myself out of ketosis only to find at weigh in that I'd had one of my best weeks ever and lost 6.6lb, so now I keep catching myself thinking "Well, maybe it's not such a bad idea after all". Logically I know it is so how do I convince myself????? Please help, am worried I'll end up doing something stupid soon.....
Im only nearly 1/2 way through LL so Im not in your shoes yet BUT it is natural you will be panicking that you will blow it,if like me your a yoyoer than Im scared too :( all you can do is like you did for 100 day is ignore that flipping stupid chatterbox and stick to it 100% the pizza thing I bet weve nearly all done that,its just the way we are.Others will give you gr8 advice but well done hun on the 100 days
Hiya (Slinky) Malinky

Well done on your fab weight loss so far. I suddenly found that just as I finished my 100 days foundation on LL I suddenly seemed to start craving food and wanting things when I had got through the 100 days with relative ease. A few weeks later I started having the odd blip and for me personally I found it much harder to get the last of the weight off after the first slip. I know chewing a pizza and spitting it out sounds a bit mad but well done you for not actually giving in and scoffing the lot - that shows loads of control!:)

For me I decided maybe I was craving food for several reasons: 1. getting to the end of 100 days and feeling a bit "lost" and aimless even though I wanted to lose more weight - I tried setting myself proper goals, like a certain loss within the next months or fitting into my much longed for skinny jeans! 2. Feeling much better about how I looked and quite liking what I saw in the mirror and thinking I'll just have a bit I deserve it - BUT for me I knew I would curse myself if I fell by the wayside when I would really love to lose 2 more stones. 3. Thinking I could get away with it! - I know you didn't actually ingest anything but several in my group "cheated" one week and still had a good loss but it did eventually catch up with them and their losses slowed or they had real trouble getting focussed again.

Though everyone is different I found it MUCH harder to stop having blips once I had started having the odd nibble. You may be one of the superhuman types who can eat one day and then get straight back on the plan, but you won't know for sure til it happens. I wish I had not "cheated" before getting to goal as it made the last stretch much harder and the food was not as great as I had imagined before eating it! It will all be there to enjoy in moderation when you have finished LL and will probably taste better when not thinking of it as "cheating".

Well done again on your fab weight loss and all the best for starting development.:D

It's the first time I've posted on this site. I'm only in week 8 of LL. So I am in no way as experienced as you are yet.

Firstly congratualtions on completing your 100 days.

The only thing I can suggest that may help is to maybe look back through your Foundation book. Go back to some of the things you did like: "crooked thinking" and "Hot thoughts" try to think about them before you give in to the bad old chatterbox. It might help.

Good luck

Thanks everyone!

Thanks Guys - just what I needed, a bit of external advice to combat my chatterbox with! I think you're all right - I've done so well so far that now I've only got a couple of stone to go (and more importantly have had the breakthru moment of being able to go into places like Top Shop (I've not been in there for years!!!) and pick up things that fit me) that I'm subconciously thinking "Oh well, nearly there now - can start slacking off a bit".
It sounds really awful but I keep catching myself thinking that I'm nearly "normal" now so I can start acting like a "normal" person forgetting that, where food's concerned, I still haven't really learnt HOW a normal person acts (hence the Pizza incident!). I've re-read my Foundation book and am feeling really motivated and positive and am determined it's the straight and narrow for me from now!!
Thanks again for all your advice and support - I can't tell you how much it means to me to know there are people that know what I'm going through and are willing to help. I've told all my group about MiniMims and keep raving about all the good advice I've found - keep it up guys!!
Now I'm off to make myself a hot choc pack for my breakfast - yummy!:D