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Honey, I am the first day into my third week, it does get easier!! You will see results on your first weight in! Drink loads of water, and if its still very hard, take yourself of to bed earlier or just keep busy!

Please dont give up, I have lost 1 stonne 1pound in 12 days honey, its so worth it!

Chin up!
Hi Yasmine,

It is really hard to get going on any diet plan but is so worth it in the long run, once you get going time just flies by. You do, however,need to be in the right frame of mind to do any plan, what is making you want to eat, is it the flavours? do you need additional help? I am on LighterLife and we have counselling every week. This has really helped me, the other thing is to take it a stone at a time, dont think so far ahead and before you know it, you will just chip chunks off and get there.

Speak to your doctor and they also may be able to help. Mine referred me to the sister and she checks on me every couple of weeks to see how things are going.

Hope things get a bit better for you soon, take care of yourself and just try to remember the reasons why you wanted to do this in the first place, you really are worth all the effort.

Lisa x


I will do this!!!
If you keep eating are you in the right frame of mind to do such a drastic diet as LT? i need to lose 5/6st and i would love to eat but losing the weight is more important to me now than food. If i was to eat something theres no way i could swallow it because of the guilt, but this is because im in the right frame of mind for the 1st time in years. Have you tried lots of diets before??
Yasmine, you can do this! The first week is the hardest so make sure you keep yourself occupied. In my first week I left some of the cooking to my eldest or OH.

Remember why you are doing this! The packs give you all you need to remain healthy so you aren't hungry it is just your brain rebelling. Kick it into touch and it will soon give up the fight!

I started with nearly 9 stone to lose and 18 weeks in I am coming up to my 6th stone off (how far away from that milestone will depend on tomorrows WI but last week I was 5lb off that) I was morbidly obese 18 weeks ago but I am now on the threahold of just being overweight. That feeling is going to get me through another week at least.

If you are determined then you will do it! I decided I wanted to be around to see my 3 children grow up and meet their children. I am fed up with being the fat one, I want to shop for "normal" sizes not "plus" sizes, I want to walk around with my head held high! All of these things, and my need to get my BP down (which I have managed) are what keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Julz will tell you it takes 3 weeks to break a habit but it can be done. We are here to help you. We believe in you, you just need to believe in you. I always think of a saying I heard on here in my first few weeks:-
Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels.
It is so true!

Good luck.

yasmine i found the first day and decided i would get through the first day and see how i felt in the morning and when i woke up in the morning i was full of it and kept going on the diet try and take each day at a time but dont cave on the first day this lt isnt cheap you are throwing the money down the drain hun. i need to lose 4 stone so i can do things with my children without worrying. there is always someone in the group so if you ever need help just come on and someone will get back to your reply. good luck hunni and i really hope you get through the hardest days of lt!!


a new way of living!
I felt the same one day one, two, three... lol and here i am into week seven an dthe lightest I have been for 5 years!!!

Just do it. sleep all week if you have to. book sick, take to bed, take some water and a trashy novel and hibernate. its hibernation weather anyway! ;)
I know how you are feeling i am back on LT and finding this week really hard, but i guess i have to seriously think about what i want.. everybody says it gets easier so i am waiting lol. Good luck.
I know how you are feeling i am back on LT and finding this week really hard, but i guess i have to seriously think about what i want.. everybody says it gets easier so i am waiting lol. Good luck.
We're not saying it to trick you into doing Lipotrim, we say that because it's true. If it didn't get easier how do you think we'd all still be on it? ;)
I know your right rainbow bright and i am going to kick my ass into gear..
Atta girl!! You'll do brilliantly :D
Taffi, that quote is my motto these days, it defo keeps me on track!

Hi hun,
take one day at a time, get through today worry about tomorrow when it arrives,I am drinking 5pts water aday, and several lge coffees.When I get a hunger pang glug on the water.
Are you at home with kiddies,if so go to the park etc.
You can do this and the guys on here will support you all the way.
Remember 1 day at a time.

all the best
I have not long been home from uni and have just read all your messages. Thank you soooooooooo much for all your help.Today is the first day that I have stuck to it all day and not ate. YIPEE!!!!!
I got weighed on my scales this morning and I had lost 8 lb in 7 days which I thought was fab considering I haven't done it properly. I got home too late and the pharmacy was closed so I missed my official WI but I will go first thing in the morning and let you all know how I got on. I am really looking forward to seeing how much I can lose next week with 100% effort. I wrote down last night all of the reasons why I wanted and needed to lose this weight and it made me stop feeling sorry for myself and just get on with it. Can't wait for my ketones to kick in so I will stop feeling so hungry.
Thank you sooooooooooo much to everyone and wish me luck!
if you feel a wobble coming on jasmine get ur tush onthis forum and shout for help - we will all rally round and take turns in slappin ya :D


good luck with the WI tomorrow xx

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