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Hiya! I have decided I've left it long enough and I'm going shopping with a friend tomorrow to get me some new clothes as I have virtually nothing left (well other than shorts and tshirts - but since summer appears to be over, they are surplus to requirements!). I need more or less everything, but since I've only got 15lbs to goal I don't want stuff too big in a few weeks. So I wondered if you guys could make any suggestions. I am a student nurse so whilst at uni I need just normal casual stuff but I want to feel nice rather that the same frumpy jeans and tops I've been wearing prior to weight loss. I have absolutely no dress sense whatsoever so any advice VERY gratefully received !! My body shape is your traditional hourglass but my tummy in certain jeans can give me that horrid muffin top due to having kids! Ta :)xxx
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How about something like cargos instead of jeans, they are also more forgiving as you shrink so you may get more wear out of them?

Please don't do what I did and go mad buying stuff because, trust me, it will be too big for you in a matter of weeks!

Thanks Porgeous, you're right! I think I'm just desperate to start showing off my new figure! I'd love to have your dress sense. Every outfit on your pictures looks amazing on you, you certainly know how to dress for your figure. I guess some have the flair that others don't! It'll be nice to buy some clothes that look nice rather than because they 'fit' x
Thanks hun! You've got plenty of time ahead of you to enjoy discovering all the gorgeous clothes out there. Don't rush it would be my advice, two reasons, firstly you will continue shrinking and nowt will fit and two you will want to buy everything just cos it fits (I did!). Accept that you will make some mistakes.. seriously, I didn't know my a*se from my elbow when I first started buying stuff and chose some real clangers but with alot of trying on you will naturally know what suits you and what doesn't.

Lol that's weird thinking the one extreme to the other...buying what fits when you're big, to buying what fits cos of the number on the label! Well you've obviously got it well and truly sussed now. Thanks for your advice, mucho appreciated! xxx
Oh my god - good luck - i hope you don;t become addicted to shopping like I have!!! :D

I agree - jst try loads of different things on. I have found I buy nothing like I used to wear - I loved my fat clothes and always thought they would look nice if they were thin clothes - but now - not interested!!! I have completely changed my dress style. And I am loving it. And you will too!! Try on things you never thought would work on you - you may be well surprised!!

ANd yes - Porgeous is right - I am beginning to worry that I have stocked up on 14s thinking thats is where I would end up, and I am now in 12s. <gulp> ANd I have A LOT of 14s!!!

Main thing is - enjoy yourself. Its wonderful to buy off the racks - but dangerously addictive. And expensive!!!! :D :D :D
I am planning to spend time in Primark, New Look and H&M for transitional clothes. I admit that I would normally spend a lot more on clothes, but these shops will serve a purpose as I try clothes to see what my new body shape is and what suits me. I checked on Sunday and £25 for a suit for work is a bargain. It also allows you to make a few mistakes without forking out too much on clothes.

Try styles like wrap dresses or tops which can be cinched in as you get smaller and therefore you'll get more wear out of them. Wide belts are fashionable and you can get extended use of dresses or tops by adding a belt. You're lucky with the hourglass figure, look up some styles on the web for your bodyshape before you go.

Also, take someone with you who you trust or admire for their dress sense and don't just go and buy the smaller version of something you would have worn a few months ago. Experiment with new styles and colours, after all you are launching the new you.

Finally, have fun!
Hi folks, thanks for your advice! I wish we had a primark here, but I live on the Isle of Man so it can be a bit limited at times. That said there were a few shops I entered today that I've always had to rule out for obvious reasons e.g. Miss Selfridge! I got meself a few tops and a pair of jeans which are lovely and fitted rather than the baggy things I've been trying to hold up for months. I wasn't going to go for jeans but with a couple of nights out coming up I decided I couldn't really go in cargos. Although I did buy my first size 12 today! I keep picking the jeans and the cargo's up thinking - they're too small to be mine!!
I also bought a fleece that fits for when I go dog-walking as like the jeans I had a baggy one that was just so shapeless (last winter it was too tight!) and a gorgeous pair of boots - at least I shouldn't grow out of them!! It's been an ace day and I'm looking forward to my next one in a few weeks...so exciting :D xx
Yeah I'm totally with you on that...the only snag is I have to head for the UK to do that :( We only have a relatively small Tesco here. LOVE George at Asda, my hubby can't get over my excitement when we find one when we head over!!

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