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You need to have at least 20 posts to some basic functions. You should be able to add a ticker though. Check out the tutorials bove for more info.

Oh and welcome to Minis xx


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Yeah thats right!!! The more you post, The more privilages you get!!
I am also new here too, so Welcome to minis, Its a great freindly place with lots of lovely people.
Good luck on your weightloss journey!!


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I keep havin same problem...been reading all the support everyone is giving and recieving and dying to be part of it!!!! will just keep sending posts


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Welcome to Minimins :) Hope this helps:

When you are a newbie

You are in a group which has no avatar, limited signature space, no Private messaging other members, no sending email to other members and you cannot upload images to the gallery.

Members can post weight loss ticker link into your signature on joining.

When you reach 20 posts you get avatar privileges and a larger signature space and can upload images to the gallery.

When you reach 50 posts, you get even more signature space, and private messaging and emailing is enabled.

You need at least 50 posts for your profile page.

You also need 50 posts to post links. You may not post links to personal business sites or personal websites with advertising or websites that are in competition with MiniMins.

I hope you understand the privileges that you will receive for being a long term poster.


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i am a newbie why can i not acces anythiink keeps saying you do not have permission to acces????:mad:

Welcome to Minimins Pricey :D:D:D


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welcome to the forum, all the best with your weight loss journey