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okay i dont even know where to begin - may as well start at the beginning.
I had lost over 7 stone and was ss-ing away quite merrily, that is till xmas day when i decided to have a small meal - which was not just chicken + veg, it included the works with chocs for after. Rather than going up to ss+ i decided to go up to 810, then three days later of bingeing i decided to 1000 cal, and again just binged. Result is that since xmas day i have gained 10 lbs and feel out of control - i decided to ss again from this monday and have binged on chocs n cakes n carbs instead. I dont know what is wrong with me and im shocked at my lack of control. Especially since i went shopping in the sales and spent over a £1000 on a entire new wardrobe in size 10, the clothes are now tight and i feel miserable - oh and i now have a gross taste of choc and marshmallows in my mouth and am soooo disgusted at myself. i was on ss for 8 months without a single cheat - not even once! now im a gross binger.

I dont even know what im asking for help for because it is only me that can stop myself. What should i do? It was soo easy before - i dont know how to go back to that state of control.

I give up - just feel so low and no-one believes me, they think im being 'precious' because when i was really overweight i seemed really happy and now im complaining about 10 lbs - grrrrrr :cry::cry::cry::break_diet::break_diet::break_diet::mad::mad::mad:
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Staying on plan!
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draw a line under it hun!
start tomorrow and every time you want to eat something, think of that ucky feeling you have on your teeth and go and brush them. nothing tastes good after just brushing your teeth!lol
i too ate over xmas, and it felt sooooo good the first day back on plan, lost that bloated feeling straight away!
think of it as a fresh start for the new year, dont try and go back... move forward.
thanks hon, have been on the verge of crying and re-bingeing. will try again tomorrow - am going to brush my teeth right now.

thanks again - really hard to explain to people when i have been so super strict for so long that i have been secretly eating:sigh:

thanks again


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Draw a line then stick to it for a week and it'll soon come off. The fact you've lost so much proves that you can do it once your head is in gear.
At least thats what I've been telling myself since lst Friday !
With regards


Staying on plan!
S: 16st9lb C: 16st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3%)
hope it helps you hun...
straight back on here if you feel the need...


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put it behind you, and start tomorrow afresh. every time you feel like cheating, wait five minutes and think about it properly. and just remind yourself of everything you wrote in your post, how you worked for so many months, buying new clothes. hopefully then you will be able to walk away from the food.
good luck, don't feel too disheartened.
thanks you guys, was feeling very alone an hour ago - not like me to admit defeat to others either (am easily embarrased)

Oh and Ceekay I just noticed that you started Cambridge on my 30th birthday! It was literally a week later that i started.

KateyKat I have decided to wear a very tight top tomorrow - not the jeans though, they dont button up any more.

I think mini goals from now on, first is to lose the weight i re-gained, then work my way up the steps properly.

Thanks again guys, dieting hurts my brain more than my stomach.

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