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Are you on red or green days, mainly?

I'm hardly poohing at all. Have always been regular as clockwork, every day. Now only going about every three days. I'm sure I'd be seven stone by now if I could just dump more often!!!!

Ha ha! TMI by a mile! Sorry!


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Scan bran's always worth a try, makes me go by the next day. Drink loads of water too as you need it to flush you through. Good luck lol x


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Remeber, though, everyone is different. It's a little like periods. A ladys' cycle is approx 28 days, but we all know what is correct for our own. Poos are the same. Just because you aren't going daily doesn't mean anything is wrong. 'Regular' doesn't HAVE to mean daily. If you are going every 3rd day, then that is YOUR 'regular'. Then, if you don't go for 5 days, then that wouldn't be right for YOU. A change of eating habits will usually equal a change of bowel movements, too. Just get to know what is 'normal' for you. Like boobs and periods! lol

Personally, you could set a clock by me! hehehe


Where's Skinny Minnie?
I can't imagine not going at least once a day! I went 4 days doing EE and couldn't eat by day 3, felt proper bad. Guess you're right that you know what's normal for you cos I'm sure other people aren't as regular as me, I pretty much have set times lol

This thread is turning into a massive overshare :eek: funny x


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I find cheese is bad for binding me up... and bread. Are you drinking enough water? If you're having a lot of fibre, you will need the water to help flush it through.

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