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HI Weim
DON'T DO IT!!!!!!

I am on day 3 and have felt hungry on and off but am in Ketosis and Know I'm not.....

In one of the threads there is a thing about emotional hunger... and often it is the thought of not being able to have food that makes us want it so much....

When you step on the scales next week and see your first fabulous loss you will be soooo pleased you didn't fall... have a bath, paint your toe nails.. anything to get you occupied...

And good luck!


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Doesn't help OH has brought a kfc home it smells sooooooo good !!!!!!!


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Weim I'm right there with you honey, my DH is eating fish and chips and they smell soooooooooo good!! I'm on day 7, in ketosis but my stomach is still growling?! Weirdly I sailed thro until day 6 and yesterday and today have been tough.

BUT, am staying strong, I keep thinking of how much I can lose in just a few weeks :) It will all be worth it in the end!


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Hang in there you can do it!!! dont give in.. I am sure the kfc isnt even nice anyway!!! Drink some water.... take your mind of it go and have a relaxing bath.... do something to distract you.. thats what I found myself doing.. the first few days are hard but you can do it!!!
I want to say dont do it as you will find it so much easier if you dont introduce any food. I ate a peice of boiled chicken last week (my first week) as one of the days was quite unbrearable and all I could think about was food!! I beat myself up about it for some stupid reason but am back on track now and it seemingly didnt have too much of an adverse effect on my weight loss - trouble is I could quite easily get into having that every evening but I know that if I do it all the time, my weight loss will reduce drastically. I am "suffering" for a reason - to get rid of the excess weight that I HATE having and wont let a little slip up stop me from continuing. Dont beat yourself up about it, I found the first few days very difficult but it does get easier. If you want a nibble, have a nibble - but ensure that you do not exceed what you are allowed. You are putting a lot of financial, emotional and physical effort into this and I am sure you will kick yourself if you stop! Also, remove yourself from the area when other people are eating - the temptation can be too great otherwise. Keep going, you will be sooooo glad you did!!!
I found in the early days before I could have the bars that making a muffin out of one of the shakes helped with the need to chew.
The mixamousse really helps, I don't think I could have survived without my big bowl of scrummy bananna mousse.:D
ohhhh, the bars..mmm the peanut one is my favourite - takes me back years as it tastes like a star bar!! Bought some mixamousse today too and looking forward to trying that tomorrow!! Its great getting different ideas of what to do with your shakes etc on here - makes a hell of a difference. x
I must admit I love all the bars, I like to leave mine as late as possible and then slowly eat it.
I love the banana mousse with some of the chocolate shake added.
Strangely enough I have gone right off the porridge, I can just about tolerate the ordinary porridge with flavouring from another shake but the apple and cinnamon now makes me feel sick:(.
I love the Vegetable drink and the other flavourings, this helps me as I dislike plain water immensely.


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S: 15st13lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st10lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.59%)
Well I didn't eat anything, I just sulked and went to bed as there was nothing to watch on tv


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S: 15st13lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st10lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.59%)
Thanks! iv even been to agility this morning with Tia so all that running around must have burnt some extra fat off! :character00115: cant wait for my 1st WI


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I understand exactly how you feel. I'm on SS+ and have just had my week 6 weigh in a day early. I have lost another 6lbs - 2st 5lbs in total in a day under 6 weeks.
I have my 3 shakes/soups/a day and a very small meal of 4oz chicken/fish/lean meat /occasionally a hard boiled egg with meat and green salad/green veg, usually in the evening.
I drink 4 pints of water a day ( 2 pints flavoured) + black rooibosh tea, black coffee and Marigold bouillon and still the weight loss is good.
It's the only way for me, the only way that I know I can do this and it's obviously working. So, if you feel you want to eat something choose the right thing, not too much of it and don't get hung up on thinking you've failed just because some people only have their 3 or 4 CD meals a day.
I am still doing SS+ CD 100% and it's working very well. Find a way that works for you, one that means you can stick with it. You'll be motivated more after the first week's weight loss remember to keep drinking the water, it definately helps. Good luck. :)

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