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maintaining since June'09

In general it's £36 a week for women. There are a few odd pharmacies where it's a bit less, I believe it's a bit cheaper if you can get it through your GP, but in Ireland N&S it's quite a bit more expensive.

Good Luck! x
Thanks for getting back to me :)
Will have to see then as it may be a bit expensive for me...salads it'll have to be I think haha


maintaining since June'09
I know it sounds expensive but quite honestly most people feel that they save money overall. After all you don't have to buy anything else except what you want for hot drinks. You won't be buying any takeaways, snacks, alcohol etc. in addition to not shopping for food for yourself.

But again, good luck whatever you decide. x
Hi Tamtam

I agree with Jan, it does seem expensive when you first look at it, but alternatively you really do save on foodstuff. I have been dieting for years, salads and stuff and this is the first diet (and forum combined) that has helped. You don't have to be on it forever either. Just to help you shift a stone or two to get you into the right frame of mind. ;)
I don't think its expensive but I lost my job 6 months ago and have only just got a new one which I start in a couple of weeks so won't get any money for at least a month. I could get a weeks supply but then would have to wait until pay day for the rest so its pointless at the moment which is a shame as I'm off on holiday on July 30th and wanted to start it so I could shift some weight before then


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HI tamtam, well done on your new job :)

Maybe you could plan to start LT when you come back from holiday? But just eat healthily up til holiday. I think it's good to have a start date in mind sometimes so you can really plan, prepare and get friends and family on board with the idea if need be! (some people take a bit of convincing).

I'd just echo Jan though, the £36 is all you'll spend on your own food, no takeaways, the odd black coffee/tea when you're out and tap/soda water is free when you're out in bars/clubs so that's a bonus. I am definitely spending less money!
Thanks Elle

I have bene eating healthily and been working out on my cross trainer for at least an hour every day but am not shifting anything and its driving me insane as my family, my partner and I are having a mini competition as to who can lose the most weight and they manage to lose weight with no exercise and eating rubbish!

Just wish I could persuade the other half to pay for it until I get money haha!

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