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I will do this!!!
Day 5 was the worst for me but trust me after day 7 food wont mean jack to you!! :)


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Hiya, well done on 5 days, you will be feeling really good soon. Maybe go to bed early if poss? Good luck with your WI.:)


I will do this!!!
Having a hot bath and reading a good book then going to bed always helps me.


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hope you are feeling a bit better, wondering if you are drinking enough water as if you had 4.5 litres you would find it hard to be hungry. I know it can be hard to build up to so much water but it is doable. The cravings themselves are entirely in your head and once you think of something else they should leave you. Truly you will feel very different tomorrow as your week is nearly up and you will finally get to see the results of your labour at your first weigh in very soon. Best of luck.
I'm on day 5 and finding it REALLY REALLY hard.
I feel really hungry and I am almost becoming obsessed with the thought of food :copon:
Anyone got any tips?
(Thanks in advance)
Well done for sticking it to day 5, I have recommended this diet to a few and have not seen one get past day 3 yet.

Hunger in the first week, perhaps the first fortnight will hit you like a Mike Tyson punch, what you must do is drink, drink, drink water, at least 2 litres/4 pints a day. Keep yourself busy and try to block the thought of food out.
What helped me the most was the thought of losing the weight I had hauled along with me for too long, do I want to be healthy and look good or do I want the thought of food to take over my life, food lost.

Good luck in your journey and welcome to Mini's, anytime you are finding it hard, type away, there will always be someone here to help you along the way.


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Yeah, I got thru day 3-4 no prob but found day 5 an issue. I think its partly realisation that you are really doing this!! Another 2 days tho and you will be so happy with your results at weigh in.

Hold out!!! Just keep the water up! I have struggled the last 3 days with water and cosequently have had hunger pangs..


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Hello how are you feeling this morning hope you have a better day, I'm sure you will. Just wait while weighin you'll have forgot about any craving you've had. Keep it up your doing great.


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Well done on getting to day 5. You have come this far you can do another hour and the hours after that. Just break it down and before you know it you'll have broken through to ketosis. I got through but getting through the next hour and tell myself why I was doing the diet. At the start I think you need to want to be thin more that you want to eat.
But hopefully you'll feel better today.


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Good work getting through the hunger pangs and well done for your determination. Your first WI should give you a great boost for wk2, your doing a great job xxx
thanks everyone for your support!
Still feeling hungry today but will solider on!
I'm drinking alot of water..I constantly have a bottle with me and just drink from it.
I hope it get better!
You're all very inspiring

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