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Well done Sammy on getting to day 4 - the feeling you're experiencing now will pass (I promise!). Keep focussed on your goal, on your reasons for doing CD, keep busy, keep posting on here, keep drinking water, keep doing something that isn't eating!

You'll regret it if you give in and will beat yourself up about it, so spare yourself the anguish and remember that you deserve to feel good about yourself - you're well on the road to success so it's within your grasp.

We're here when you need us!

Thelma x


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Day 4 was the hardest for me too, just go to bed early and think of all the reasons you want to be slim.

What motivated me was the pound I lost every morning I woke up the first week :)


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Keep glued to this site...post like heck (get up to 50) untill you can see more photos .......look at what others have achieved...you can do it too...yes you can!!!
trust me this site will become your comfort blanket, its definitely mine.

Well done for getting to day four though, but trust me, the feeling after the slip is the worst in the world, so not worth it.

Good luck xx


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Don't do it. I went through exactly the same on day 3, and woke up day 4 and was fine, and have never looked back. If you haven't got to your 50 posts to see peoples pics, I went on facebook, and there is a group there with loads of before and after pics, and that was pretty motivating. Good luck, and keep it up, have an early night and all will be well in the morning.


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Just as everyone else has said - distract yourself, take it 30mins at a time. It is just mind over matter at this stage. When you get through this evening you will feel so great about it tomorrow.

This diet works and it is definitely worth sticking with - have a bath, find some ironing, paint your nails, have an early night - just avoid the kitchen!

Good luck x
Hi Sammy, oh I know it is hard. When I tried this diet without this forum I lasted about 4 days and was in my bed crying with depression. This forum has made all the difference for me. Knowing other people are doing it and succeeding, knowing other people are going through the same difficulties all helps enormously. You can do it. Im not on it too long but after the first week it is easier- you kind of get used to being desperate to eat. I've lost roughly 1st 5lb in 4 weeks which makes it feel very bearable. Just think how much you want to get thin and this diet is doable and fast. Good luck and you're doing great so far x

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