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Addicted to this site lol
I am on CD ss and just been invited out for dinner with my boss next week. Which for obvious reasons I cannot refuse.
I did say I was on a diet to wich she said I don't care if you go to the restaurant and just eat a lettuce leaf.
What can I do to counter act anything.
I could just get away with eating a very small salad and I don't drink so that side of things not a problem. What should I not have on this salad to avoid coming out of ketosis or if I did would not be hard to rectify.
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Do you know where you are going to eat??

I think your best bet would be chicken with a small amount of veg or salad- that would not affect ketosis. However I wouldn't recommend putting any dressing on it as you will not know the exact ingredients and therefore could knock yourself out without realising!

Trim T

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Order something low carb, lean meat or fish with a small side salad. As long as you don't eat carbs you should stay in ketosis.... i think x
I think if i were you id opt for chicken or tuna salad stick to the green veg cucumber lettece celery etc ask for no dressing and avoid any hidden extras croutons etc this should allow you to stay in ketosis and not jepodise your weight loss next week x


Addicted to this site lol
Ty for your help. Going to go to my favourite pizza restaurant with homemade ones. So staying clear of them and the fresh pastas. But can cope with the thought of chicken and veg or salad.
Not panicking now.
Yeah read the menu thoroughly before you go, so you know exactly what you are going to order and wont need to browse through and panic on the evening. Remember restaurants can always take out ingrediants for you, so you can order things without potatoes and extra salad ect. Good luck!


Addicted to this site lol
That's a brilliant idea.
So I don't look like a complete idiot and end up ordering the wrong thing


Peggy McParrot
and don't eat the tomatoes or peppers in the salad, i take a fat free salad dressing with me in my bag, and sneak it on when no ones looking lol

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