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Discussion in 'Herbalife' started by amanda30ronan, 2 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. amanda30ronan

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    I know we are supposed to have 2 shakes and a meal but ive done meal supplement diets b4 and just had 3 shakes a day , is it safe to do this on herbalife ? they seem to have the same vitamins etc in them ?
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  3. Clover89

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    It's definately not recommended by herbalife.. as its not supposed to be a crash diet,
    fatmumofone can you explain more please? X

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  4. fatmumof1

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    Clover89 is right this is about healthy nutrition and being good to our bodies so having 3 shakes per day is a crash diet which could put your body into starvation mode resulting in your body holding onto the fat and you will either not lose weight or drop weight quickly but then gain more when you introduce food into your diet. 2 shakes, 2 good snacks anc a healthy tea is what you need to do. Why do you want to do 3 shakes a day?

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  5. jadestar86

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    Doing 2 shakes a day makes this realistic and easier to stick too, it's curbing my cravings, I'm full and not missing eating as I get to eat in the evening or lunch and snacks. Herbalife is about positive and healthy changes which you can MAINTAIN, good luck x

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