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Are we not allowed to use herbs and spices? :confused:
Glad you said that cos I don't either :p
Morning hun! I wouldn't have thought so but Jim may be able to clarify that xx :)
Garlic Salt
Calories: 0 Calories in 13 oz
Carbs: 0 grams of carbs in 13 oz
Fat: 0 grams of fat in 13 oz
Protein: 0 grams of protein in 13 oz

I can't find anything for sage either, I think we use herbs in such small quantities it's not worth bothering about.

I never counted any herbs or spices and I use them all the time, so I wouldn't worry Maz love.
You're our walking encyclopaedia Jim, thanks! ;)
LOL Caz. Thanks love, but I have been on Atkins for a long long time. :)
God darn it Jim! Quit researching will ya :mad: Don't you know ignorance is bliss :D x

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