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I need help and dont know who to turn to. I am ashamed to speak to my counsellor.

I have been on CD for 2month. Lost 2 stones. Put 5lbs back on since i cant stop eating.

I am going to honest with you guys:

1-Right After I get weighed, I come home to eat a full meal as reward.
2- During the week i nibble, eating one or two spoon of food on top of my food packs.
3- I go to the gym hoping to lose more after cheating all thru the week.
The above was my routine for the last 2 months.

And now I am in a place where I can not stop eating. I start with good intentions from the morning, and by evening i eat till i am full.

What is wrong with me?
Ok firstly nothing is wrong with you!

You aren't in ketosis anymore due to the eating and hence you will be nibbling as you are hungry. My advice is to be super strong for three days to get back into ketosis so that you get that protection from hunger.

I have a close friend who used to eat after every LighterLife weigh in but you have to break the link between emotion and food. You are using food to reward yourself and ultimately you MUST break that to give yourself a good chance of keeping the weight off.

So instead if you have a good weight loss then treat yourself to some clothes, a DVD, a CD or just put a pound in a jar for a photoshoot when you get to goal but don't eat!

And be careful with going to the gym and doing cardio work as that will make you really hungry and generally feel crappy. Try and stick to gentle, toning workouts with light weights, swimming and walking, you should avoid treadmills like the plague!!
Oh MY GOd ( In Janice from friends voice)

I have read your blog. You are truly one tough bloke. You are an inspiration mate.

If there was a tablet to stop me eating, i would gladly give up my possesions.

Hi Nuura
Plaese try and S T O P NOW:eek:
Take me as an example!

I have dieted for 18 of my 36 years...........Ive lost chunks of 3 and 4 stone and look at me Im back to the top end of my weight.
I did CD last year I did well I lost 2 st 9lbs in 9 weeks and then I moved house!After that I regained all yes ALL of the lost weight in 3-4 months and tried for 6 months to do it again!I coulnt get past day 1 why????I need emotional support so Im doing LL soon.
Im not saying STOP CD far from it its working for you but please try and STOP the eating as you are ;)
You say after you have your weigh-in you REWARD yourself with a full meal?I think it shows you maybe using food as a prize? If your finding it so hard to cut the food out 100% which is hard then maybe 790 for a couple of weeks to try and get back on track?
Icemoose gave you great advice if your eating your kicking yourself out of Ketosis and then your find your starving hungry.
Sit down be proud of your achievement so far and take it ONE DAY AT A TIME?
havnt got much else to say other than i hope you manage to kick that habit, and get down to it, yes its hard for a few days but ooh so worth it,
Hi Nuura,

you've been really brave posting your message and admitting to yourself what you are doing by eating after weigh ins. That surely must be the hardest step.

The next step, in my opinion is to break the cycle you've got into. Could you let us know when your weigh in is and when you are likely to want to have the 'reward' so that who ever is around on the boadrs can support you in breaking the cycle?

Polly x