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Here they are - the refurbed house from hell

FAB. Love the wooden doors and floors, so nice.
Strange thing to notice I know (but then that's me all over - strange, lol) but I love that lampshade on the landing!! Where is that from!?
Strange thing to notice I know (but then that's me all over - strange, lol) but I love that lampshade on the landing!! Where is that from!?

Marie - the lamp shade is from Homebase £14.99 and my liitle boy chose it (well, we showed him 2 that were suitable and asked which one for grandad's house - he picked that one!)
looks really nice!! Why was it the house from hell?
BIG BIRDY - it was the house from hell because it hadn't been decorated in YEARS - we're talking 12 or more. We had to get a plasterer in to redo the ceiling in the front room and in the bathroom - it' had had stippled and airtex tiles on them (fil papered over the stipple in the front room) - the house hadn't been cleaned in about 5 years (I'm not kidding) Kim and Aggie would have refused to go in it was such a health hazard. We ended up skipping I don't know how many bags of rubbish - and it was total rubbish but we ended up with 2 skips and still had more stuff to go out in the regular bins. At one point I was on my knees in the kitchen , rubber gloves on, kneeling on 3 plastic bags cos the floor was so manky and crying cos I just couldn't face any more. .... the photos are the end result of 3 weeks of very hard work. The bones of the house were good - the door, the floor, the staircase etc but fil just never cleaned it.

In fact, he came back from Oz and tipped his suitcase out on the floor, cooked a dinner the first night he was home and didn't was the pot for a week (until we came and saw the mess, left and refused to return or speak to him until it was cleaned). We've told him that we don't want repayed or even thanks. we just want him to maintain it.


is gonna shine in 2009
it looks fantastic
Do you own the house? Who was it who has been living there?
Sorry, Anna, Haven't been online all week as I've been studying for an interview - No, I don't own the house, it's my Father in Law's house and he was off touring Oz for 3 months and we were doing it up for him (had to clean it first though). Unfortunately, I didn't get everything I wanted to get done finished as they came back early. Still, looks good don't you think?
how you doing chick?xx

Hi Paula,

not doing so good at the mo, have had a really bad week, prepping for interviews, not getting them, washing machine breaking down, etc etc.

What's this I hear about you going to see a surgeon? Are you going to try and get a lap band?
Hi sweet,im goin for the appointment with a surgeon a week on wed.Ive spoke to a few people over here that have had it done.
My main reasons are i seem to go for a couple of weeks then have blow outs that last a week.
I want to be able to control my portions,which i dont at the minute.Im sick of bein a fat cow lol.

Anyway whats been happening with you?
Sounds like your having a nightmare lolx

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