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Here we go again

Had a brilliant 1st day yesterday, all tracked. I think I'm going to like their new plan!
Day 4 today, and I haven't cheated once! Really proud of myself. Had a rubbish start to the day with my autistic son having a major meltdown, but I didn't turn to junk food like usual. Instead I sat down with a nice hot drink, and read through the weight watchers connect forum. Feel good for not giving in, but have been seriously unmotivated to do anything all day!
So I weighed in today after my first full week on WW, and have lost 12lbs! Over the moon right now!
Thank you! Absolutely buzzing!
Thanks. Put on a fair bit over Christmas and New year though, so now at (just) a 6lb loss. Need to get back on track. Struggling with the kids being off school still until Monday.
Another 1lb on this week. Not surprised by that at all. New week, new year , new start. Planned my whole weeks food out, so time to get back on track.
So my week didn't start great, but by day 4 I seemed to get back on track properly. Like something finally just clicked! Anyway, ended the week with a 3lb loss 😊
Good to see you're back on the wagon!! So am i after gaining bloody 11lbs over xmas and new year lol. I restarted when i went back to work on the 8th, lost 5lbs so far, slower than i would like but at least it's going down not up!!! hahahaha
Think i might start a food diary on here too, i love seeing what other people are having!!

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