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Gone fishing
BBC NEWS | Scotland | North East/N Isles | Woman gets 75,000 bank statements

An Aberdeen woman who asked for her bank statement was sent those of 75,000 other customers.

Stephanie McLaughlan, 22, was shocked when Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) sent her the unexpected financial details by mistake.
Ms McLaughlan received several large packages in the post and said she was concerned it could happen.
HBOS apologised and said it was carrying out an investigation into the "serious" but "isolated" incident.
'Concern caused'
HBOS said in a statement: "We are treating this matter very seriously and are investigating in full.
"This is a very specific, isolated incident and we will take steps to ensure there is no security issue for customers as a result of this matter.
"We apologise for any concern this has caused customers."
HBOS was formed in 2001 with the merger of the Halifax and Bank of Scotland and has millions of customers.
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Serial Foodie!
the things i have asked for from my bank have never turned up and the one time they did, it had to be forwarded to me cos it was sent to another customer. she was kind enuff to post it on to me and now i am tking steps to go to court over that and many other bad, naughty things HSBC are doing :mad:

"data protection act? whats that? im just a senior bank employee! we r harrassing u for money u dont owe and threatening to take u to court? noooo we dont make mistakes. u MUST owe us £3000 cos we said u do!"

i can totally believe everything awful anyone tell me about any bank, no matter how stupid or unimaginable! god just dont get me started. thought my problems ended when i got my penalty charges repaid but nooooo....

ok, im gonna hush now. thanks karion, im right wound up now LOL


Serial Foodie!
ooo my dad banks with them too!

nice to see so much effort is going into stopping indentity fraud. I mean, how many times over could u sell 75,000 peoples accounting details and make an absolute fortune?? if u r that kinda person anyways....


Gold Member
Have to say, I am surprised....HBOS is big on data protection, kinda gets drummed into people....hhhmmm.....I wonder whos gonna get canned over that one!?


Gone fishing
I mean, how many times over could u sell 75,000 peoples accounting details and make an absolute fortune?? if u r that kinda person anyways....
That would be a dreadful thing to do! Wonder how much she wants for them;)

(Karion skips off to do a search on ebay)


Serial Foodie!
LOL karion. she said she'd let me know so...oops

kaz, i cant imagine who could be responsible? i mean...who would be the one printing the labels? lol. they will blame an automated machine but who set the blinking thing??

knowing a bank, they will blame some poor work experience 15 yr old and sue her for £9 million.


Gold Member
Well, yeah its all automated, but there is no way on this planet that wouldnt have thrown up an error on the system that someone shud've spotted!!

I hope this woman gets in touch with the people whos info she got and that they kick up a stink....but that wud probably mean bye bye bonus.....ggggrrrrr

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