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Here we go again! If i have said once i am starting the diet in the past 4 mths i have said it a thousand times. Well I have said it and this time i am sticking to it. I never noticed my comfort eating pattern until i was placed in a few situations that took so much from my life. Illness, isolation and constant harassment all were the main factors that have put me back int he fat seat.

3 years ago i had lost 4st for health reasons and i am determined to get back their and take control and get something back in my life that has been missing for a long time.

So this post is the beginning of the journey and i hope that doing this will give me that little boost i need and some support from people that understand how hard it is to get your game face on and head in the right place.

I am 3 days in and feel like i know my head and my will power are on the same page, i love dieting because i love to experiment with food and mainly i eat healthily if you put fish and chips in front of me and grilled salmon with rice and veg the salmon would win every time. It's the evil cakes and chocolate that have got me were i am partly because of boredom being isolated int he middle of nowhere with no friends for almost 3 years hasn't helped and also due to my health i have had to give up so many things so the tastes and flavors were filling that wanting void which is soooo wrong but at the time i guess it was the only pleasure i had. My partners ex caused so many problems for us and effected my partner mentally which had a knock on effect which effected me and our relationship.

It got to the point were we have moved to a complete new county with no one knowing were we are because the abuse and control and problems pushed us to the point were we needed to go and have a fresh start away from it all. So now we are settled in our new space this is why i am now ready to start this journey and help myself and my health.

I am not doing this for vanity i have been bigger i have been smaller but i have always been 100% comfortable in my own skin, but now i have been faced with the reality that i could be in a wheelchair by the time i am 35 as my spine is degenerating rapidly and over the past 5 years has not slowed up and is in the state of an 85 year old at 30! Along with a scolosis, nerve damage, osteo arthritis, ME and Fibro i am fit for the scrap heap! But i know that loosing weight will help all of my conditions and is the main motivation i have to loose this weight for me. Just gutted i don't have the ability to use the power of fitness to help with the process as i used to love a good work out, but i am going to get together with my physio and see if their is anything i can do.

So far i am on day 3 and have had 7 syns, i am following the extra easy plan and Thai fish stew with rice is my fave meal by far at the moment. Luckily i have adapted it to be free on the plan.

Anyways that is it the diary has begun :) The journey is on the way!

Right i am off for a soak and to then enjoy a hugeeee strawberry sundae which again is free Nommmm xx
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