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hey all! :)

thought i would introduce myself, been on slimming world now for two weeks. I'm not a member just going it alone! This is my first and hopefully not last time using this forum so thought i'd say heeeey!:)
And now the question.....;)
I was just wondering has anyone counted their calories for an average day, I work mine out to be between 1800-2200 most days, most of what I eat is free, I'm always hungry when i eat and i use about 10 syns a day and all my healthy extras I'm just worried that i'm eating too much to make a differnce in my weight. Should i just go with it and see or should i try and eat less even though i'm hungry? I haven't weighed myself yet, I'm kind of afraid to to be honest!
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Plodding on.......
Hi lolabee,

I don't count calories. That's why I do SW. I love the freedom of not being restricted. So, commit to the plan (as it sounds like you have) and get weighed. I am amazed by how much I can eat (including my syns) and still lose. Try posting a food diary if you're worried. People are really helpful and will comment constructively. Stick with it and it will work.

Gail x
thanks :) I guess I'm still in the "diet mindset" from the past and get so worried (even though on most diets by the fifth day i'd just go and get pizza and probably eat more anyway! ;)) I might weigh myself tomorrow and get a better idea..... I'm so scared though- that looming fear I may have gained, I really want this diet to work, don't think I could part with the sw chips hehe


Plodding on.......

The important thing is IF you have gained (which in all probability you haven't) that you post a food diary and stick with it. For most people it works as is, but for the odd person it needs a little tweaking. If you are one of those, then let us help you tweak !!

Well done on your losses so far- that's great.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Gail x
I know what you mean, weigh yourself you may be surprised! If you've not lost. Maybe try increasing your superfree food to balance the free food if you know what I mean then naturally your calorie intake will reduce! Good luck!
thanks so much for your replys :) are all fruit and veg superfree? I'm vegetarian and the shops around here don't sell much variety of quorn so this would be fantastic news for me!


Plodding on.......
All except sweetcorn, parsnips, potatoes (all types), peas which are free not superfree. Please correct me anyone if there are any others.

All fruit superfree unless it's dried, pureed, tinned or cooked. If so, you have to syn it.

Gail x


Plodding on.......
sweet potatoes are free not superfree. I think banana's are superfree but don't quote me on that. I don't eat them so don't need to know !

Gail x
Hi, welcome to the site!
I've never thought about counting calories, I think thats what I like about sw - the fact you dont have to! Best of luck with your weigh in hun, hope the scales are good to you! xxx
oh dear..... weighed myself this morning, apparently i've gained four pounds in two weeks????? Perhaps I'm being nice to myself here but i don't think that's possible considering what i've been eating unless someone's been injecting my yogurts with lard as I sleep. Think it's far more likely to be one or all of - a) I woke up to TOTM (sorry if too much info!) b) I had to have dinner very late last night c) my scales are insane (i stood on them once, then got off and got on them again to find i had lost 1lb) and/or d) I didn't sleep too well last night for some reason the more I sleep the smaller the number on the scales the next day! Still feel a bit upset either way :( going to keep my food diary and maybe get new scales, save my tears for next week if it goes up again, which it WON'T! ;)
oh, perhaps this is a biit off topic but how is everyone coping with paddy's day? :S I'm 21 and Irish so I feel somewhat obliged to be drinking litre upon litre of cider tomorrow, my friends are throwing a two day house party and I don't really want to go (because I'm not really a drinker and they all have litre bottles of vodka planned for the first day not just because of weigh in) but I'm terrified to say no as my birthday's next week and no one will go if i don't show up! :(
Hu lolabee

Don't give up! Like you said, there are loads of reasons that the scales show 4 lbs on. Post your food diary and drink lots of water. Sw does work but our bodies all need different amounts of time to adjust. Keep at it!
it's so hard not to get dishearted but as you said it takes a while to adjust! I'm putting it down as a bad reading and waiting till next week which will be my birthday so even if i gain a stone it'll be hard to get upset! :D

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