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Hey everyone ! Please inspire me !

Hello everyone,
As you can see I'm new to this site and I hope I'll be welcomed.

I never used to be fat but I think I put on a lot of weight when I was around 9 years old. I am now 16 years old , and 17 in November and I am still fat. I have tried losing weight before, but I've never suceeded as I wern't motivated as in the beginning. I weight about 92kg/14.5stones/203pounds and my height is 5 ft 10. I would like to be 12 stones by October. I do play football(soccer), atleast once a week. I will start going gym in July as currently, I have very important GCSE exams. I eat everything except pig, so I'd also like someone to guide me to a good diet programme for me.

I think you guys are all doing a wonderful job here, keep it up and I hope you inspire me!

Bye! :)
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I'm willing to do anything to lose 2 to 3 stones. But my exercising ,(ie going to the gym) is limited until July 22nd, that is when my final exam is. But , I do walk a lot and I do play football.

I eat everything except , pig, so if you can lead me to a good diet for the time being that would be great.

And, do you think it is possible to lose 3 stones by October?

Thanks x


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You might want to consider something like weight watchers or slimming world. You don't have to do it at a class you can go to their websites for details or buy their magazine as they often have a week's menu in.

Irene xx
Are slimmingworld and weightwatchers free sites ? As I said , I'm only 16 , and I don't have any credit cards as such. I need like a site for free.



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Hi MNA and welcome to the minimins boards.
Hey Jim , I'm not too far away from Sutton. Thanks for the welcome , can you lead me to a good diet , to lose 3 stones by October. Exercise will be limited up until Jully 22nd (GCSES ARGH ) , but I do play football now and then.



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Well i did Atkins and it worked for me, I'd suggest you go and read around the forums and choose one you think will work for you. Oh and given your age and circumstances one you can afford. :D


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3 stone by October is a huge undertaking MNA. You don't have to pay for every diet, I should think a low cal diet with guidance from those on the board would help. I take it you are still living at home? can your Mum help.
Well , I'm about 14.5 stones and would like to get to 12 stones, most of my fat is in my belly and thighs , in a pear shaped way. I'm still living at home and Mom can help.

I have decided to try out the special k diet , where you eat special k cereal for breakfast and replace the cereal with either lunch or dinner for 2 weeks. It is said to lose 6 pounds, so I'm going to try this for a month to see if I lose about a stone. It is difficult to go to the gym now as I have exams coming up and I have to revise , so I'll be going jogging on the weekend in the morning and as I have said, I do play football quite often.

Thanks a lot for your help Jim , you have been the most welcoming and most help on this forum so far.


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Morning Son, OK sounds like a plan. Let's see how it goes. Keep us posted please. :)


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good luck , cant you soeak to your parents about your wanting to loose weight they may help you out with costs and things :)
Yeah , I will let you know how this gets on. But do you think it is possible to lose 3 stones by October ? I don't want to hope, I want to believe.


Louise R

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hi there, there are 22 weeks until october and 42 lbs = 3 stone, that works out at just under 2lb per week if i am correct? there is no reason why on the right diet you cant lose 2lb per week, you just have to have a diet that suits you and have the willpower to stick to it. I am due to start the diet chef diet on wednesday as it will be easier for me as the meals are already prepared, you only need to add fruit and veg, however this is quite expensive i think but it is the only thing i think i will stick to!! My advice is to excercise plenty and just go on a low calorie diet, just watch the amount of calorie intake you have, set yourself a limit for the day and as long as you stick to it you should do great. let us know what diet you decide and i'm sure you will get all the encouragement you need from here! good luck

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