hey girlies :) day 1 :)


i love minimins me :)

Sorry I havent been around for a while :eek: i had loads going on and aint been on plan, good news is this i just been weighed and i seem to have lost 5.5lbs :) since my weigh in 2 weeks ago!

We are skint until next week so I will order a big shop in and join you all on monday because i feel sooooo miserable atm its unreal, my depression has took a turn for the worst but i know only I can get myself out of it, so heres to hoping loosin weight can do that

i promise to be completly honest on here about how i am doing, so if am going off track please come and kick my ass, i have 6 stone to loose and am jus not a pretty sight atm! I would even be happy loosing 3 stone which takes me to a comfy 16 and the weight i was when i met H2B!

Please help me!!

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You have the same amount to lose as I did when I started and you can do it. You have had a great weight loss so keep up the good work and try stay positive. We can do this :)


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Hi Stacey,
Didn't want to read and not post hun. Just wanted to say that I hope you start to feel brighter soon.
I have 5-6 stone to lose at at the moment it seems completely un-doable but deep down inside I know that I can do it and that it will make me feel happier about myself!
We can do this!!!!!!!!!
Also, a big WELL DONE for your loss!!! Woo hoo xxx

Mrs V

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Awww Hun...sorry to hear that things havent been great for you recently.
Come on, you need to knuckle down and concentrate if you want to look good and feel good about yourself. - consider that your boot up the butt.
You will get to goal, but you have to focus!

Take care


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when i joined i needed to lose 7 st 11.5lb!
6 months in and i now have lost 3st 3lb!
still 4st 8.5lb to go but am gonna do it and so can you!!
i'm no angel i can assure you, i've had good weeks and bad weeks, but we can make this our year !


i love minimins me :)
thanks everyone

i love this site cos yas are all such fab support!!!

at the weekend am gonna go through my fridge/ freezer and cupboards and throw out eveythin that aint sw friendly!!! My h2b wants to loose weight too, so that helps :)

thanks guys :)



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Losing weight makes you feel good as only you can do it, no-one else can do it for you, so the fact that you are down but still lost weight is fantastic.

Keep it up and I will surely kick you butt if you put any of that weight on. You've done SOOOO well, just remember that x :)


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Let me just say one thing. Looking at your picture you are a beautiful girl and I know you've had some problems cos ive read previous threads of yours and I also know what its like to feel low at times. But take it from me, if you lose that weight that you want to lose or even half of it, then that will give you such a major boost that from then on it will be onwards and upwards. If I were you I would enjoy your weekend with the view that as of Monday its back on track for you with the propect of looking hot for the summer and you will!! Were all helping each other aren't we and it's such a fantastic forum, were here every day aren't we and we can rely on each other so come on, have a good weekend then thats it.... GET BACK ON TRACK!!!! Or else I will ask Annie to get her boot out !! Have you seen the size of that thing ? I've still got the bruises!! So please come on..... such a pretty face aswell !!xx:girlpower::sign0009::wavey:


i love minimins me :)
Well i have decided to start tomorrow instead!!! I have wrote my meal plan and my shopping list and will go when i finish work (not till 8 :( )

also my mam has sed she will pay for a gym membership for me for a year to keep me motivated! A girl I work with wants to start going so i cant jus cancel on her so it will make me go :) and if my mam is paying for it i will feel guilty if i dont go hahaha


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S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Hi Stacey,

Thats excellent news that you can get your Mum to pay for the Gym!!
You will get to loose weight, but you have to have the commitment and motivation...going to the Gym will certainly help!


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When I joined last year I had 5 stone 10 1/2 pounds to lose. It's now down to 2 stone 9 1/2 pounds to lose, which seems much more achievable! Take it half a stone at a time. Good luck!


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hey hunny I thought i hadnt heard from you in ages!
Remember you have my number if you feel low! I am doing well on it again and loving EE!!!
You can do it..... we can do it!
Just remember your dress and picture your wedding and focus!


i love minimins me :)
thanx hunny :)

am gonna give it a proper go :) i dunno why i cant stick to it cos we can have like steak and chips and sausage and mash so its not like am givin anything up hahah



i love minimins me :)
Day 1 - EE

breakfast - bacon sandwich (heb)
lunch - tomato omelette (hea for milk)
dinner - syn free sausage and mash with beans

syns - hot chocolate (2 syns)

is this ok?