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hey im new


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i dont know anything about capsiplex... what is it?

i have previously done slim fast and xenical before and it does work, just dont have the snack bars.... (and i dont like the normal bars, so i cant tell you how they would go with xenical)

the thing is, if you lose the weight fast, then the statistics are that you are going to put the weight back on, unless you first change your eating that got you over weight in the first place.
i did cambridge, and i lost 22lbs, but ive managed to put it all back on.. because i didnt change the way i was, (and didnt do the refeed steps)
losing it slowly (i used to get about 2lbs a week with slim fast and xenical) i have found it so much better...

i can also suggest getting some more intense workout dvd's... and do something different all the time... try and get some dvd's that will do resistance training as well as cardio (Jillian is great for these)
Hiya kes
Thanks for ur reply ive been told i cant take xenical n b on slimfast. I dont have any snacks just two shakes n a weight watchers meal.
Im losing the weight slowly n my trousers r falling down.
Im scared off stopping slimfast. Ive have bad days and just eat out off bordom :-( im stopping habit. Im worried itll all come back if i stop. Im doing so well. Thats y i was interested in xenical.
I need to change whats in my head n its hard i want the weight to stay off.


supersize > superPERFECT!
who told u you can't have xenical and SF? i don't suppose the DR would reccomend this anyway, but it does work :)

and maybe the weight is slower coming off because your only having 2 shakes and a WW meal, it may not be enough food, how many calories a day does that make ??

snacking helps boost metabolism and burn more calories, just some fruit or somethin? im no expert AT ALL but i hit a 6 week plateau and since realising how little i was eating, i upped my cals and stopped worrying about it all, and its coming off again :) :)

hope this helps xxx
Shakes r 230 cal n meal in evening is about 300 ill snack on fruit this week n see what happens :) i so ant getting enough calories. Prob y i feel sick after workibg out. Im prob doing more damage than good. Just wanna fit in a size 14 again xx

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