Hi all!! :) Can anyone help...


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Hi all,
Soooo glad I found this forum - so much inspiration and good giggles too!

I lost a lot of weight about 4 years ago now (5.5 st, from 15.5st down to 10st) through good old healthy eating and lots of exercise. I managed to generally maintain ever since with the odd fluctuation but not too much. Anyway, I have started a new job as of last October and its now extremely hard for me to exercise (I am up at 4:30am, get home at 4:30pm, have a puppy, husband and house to look after and no time - by the time everything is sorted, dinner done, irnoning finished, house clean, lunches made I have to go to bed by 9pm to get up!). Anyway, over Christmas I gained my normal half a stone (same every year - enjoy, indulge and then lose it in Jan - which has been fine each year for the past few).
I normally used to up my exercise and the weight would come back off quite happily, but it is ridiculously hard to lose without being able to exercise. So far if I am honest, I haven't lost any of it yet and its already 19th Jan. I get very very bloated and uncomfortable and feel horrid - you know when it looks like you're pregnant because your tum just balloons?! Argh.

However, I also have a terrible sweet tooth (mostly the reason I was over weight in the first place) and I am an "all or nothing kind of girl". I've fallen off the wagon on and off since Christmas, so any hope I have had of being as strict as I need to be to lose by diet alone, is going out the window. So I thought I'd add some accountability in and find a fab forum where I can keep a food diary - the thought of having to tell you guys I have eaten that fourth choc chip cookie is a good way to put myself off!! Shame about the first three mind you ;)

So, within the forum, is there anywhere in particular that people keep food diaries? I know there are a couple of sections for diaries and things but I wanted to make sure I kicked off in the right place :)

Thanks so much!
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Hi Kim, welcome. I think most people post their diaries in the weight loss plan they are following.


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Hi and welcome. In both the Weightwatchers and slimming world section members have their food diaries. Might be worth looking.

Why not include a small amount of sweet things in your diet each day and stick to that amount

Ireen xx