Hi all, first time on getting ready for D DAY


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Hello :)
I'm going to be starting a new healthy eating lifestyle in January, probably WW but just myself at home. Really fed up with my life and body and i'm determinded to make the change!!!! Hope to come on here every day for some moral support as i go. I am going to get the books off ebay i think as my old ones are falling apart. What are the main ones i need as they seem to change every year? Thanks if you can advise.:)
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Hi Jasmine, I can't advise you on WW as I'm an Atkins man myself. I'm sure there are plenty here who can though. Welcome to the board, you'll find this is a great place to be. :)


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Hi Jasmine,

Welcome, I just started also. Am trying healthy eating, but going to kick start it with Diet chef, so far so good!! Will weigh in at end of week to tell how its going. Take care, Estelle


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Hi and welcome. There's a new WW programme just come out recently so you may not get books on ebay yet.

Have you looked at their website? You can definately manage to do WW without the classes.

And you will get plenty of help in our WW section

Irene xx