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Hi all, new to LT


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Hiya everyone,

My names Cath, im 24 and have 2 amazing kiddies. Have decided to take the plunge and try Lipotrim. I have been on and off Celebrity Slim since November last year and lost 1 and a half stones but im getting married in May and need the weight to come off quicker.

Day 1 today and doing fine. I think because I have been on CS im used to having shakes. The thing I cant get used to is the after taste of the shakes, really strange taste. I have been really looking forward to starting this, cant wait to see the results.
Looks like a great support network you all have so I will be sticking around and probably asking lots of questions.:D
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Congrats on starting LT! If you're a coffee fan, I recommend having the chocolate shake hot with a spoon of instant coffee, MOCHA!! Also just experimented today with having the vanilla with some ice and coffee, LATTE!.... I like coffee :D Have a good one! :)


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S: 13st5lb G: 11st0lb
thanks for that jen. might try it tomorrow. Just had the chicken soup, dont think I will get that next week, didnt like it much.
Im really proud of myself today, have done really well. Just got 1 more driving lesson to do then im finished for the day so gona come home and have a nice soak in the bath and play on the kids DS to keep my mind busy. ;)


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S: 19st12lb C: 18st9lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 36.4 Loss: 1st3lb(6.12%)
I hear ya on the chicken soup. I didn't mind it the first week, I'm on my second week now and finding myself kind of gagging each time I have it. So I think I'll just have chocolate and vanilla all next week. The strawberry shakes were manky, bleh :p

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Hiya Cath and welcome.
Sounds like you've made a good start and with your wedding on the horizon, the weight will be falling off you!
Most people don't notice the aftertaste after a while. I live quite happily on the chocolate and strawberry and actually look forward to it now.
Be prepared for feeling a bit tired and weak at first (especially with two kids and a job!) but remember it won't last forever and soon you will be gliding down that aisle! :D
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Well done on taking the plunge. I am on week 5 now, and never thought i would get this far. The first week is def the hardest so get through that and you will be super slim for your wedding. Good luck
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Well done on taking the first step! It is hard, but at the same time its easy because for the moment you are taking yourself away from food. Im having my Week 6 weigh in tomorrow and when i was at the beginning i'd never have imagined that i would have got this far, time just flies by!
Ok so some little tips:
Distractions are brilliant, make yourself a list of what you could do should you ever find yourself tempted. Water is your friend! If you detest it like i used to then chilled water and those bottles of water with the sports caps are great...i drink between 2-4 litres a day. Before pictures are good, then pin them up in your kitchen so you'll see them if you need inspiration...
Alot of people dont like the flapjacks or chicken soup very much..and after a week i couldnt handle the strawberry shake...found it was too sweet! (never thought id find anything too sweet lmao!)

But its your own personal tastes so who knows!
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Hi, I started today too. Already had great support and learned to avoid the soup :)

I picked the chocolate & strawberry shakes, had one of each today, think the choc is the better one (for me anyway)

Just looking forward to the results

Good luck, I'm certain you'll be fine


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S: 13st5lb G: 11st0lb
Hi guys, thanks so much for all the kind messages of support. Day 1 went well, felt a bit weak and tired at tea time but it soon wore off. Feeling good today, got up and did some washing and just about to put it out on the line. Had a vanilla shake for breakfast and I quiet like it. Think I will take the soup back and swap it for some shakes.
Got to go and get weighed on friday, even though it will only be day 5. I went last friday to get everything but didnt start til yesterday as we went to a party on Saturday, so not expexting a massive lose on Friday but im aiming for 5 lbs, fingers crossed!!
Have a good day everyone.
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I don't think u should rule out any flavours until you have tried them, everyones taste buds are different :) I am lucky i like all of them, good luck :)


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welcome aboard.... yep try everything and see whats your favourite... i dont like vanilla but find the vanilla shake with a spoonful of coffee is really lovely, so reckon theyre gonna be my staple diet.... Tomorrow is my second weigh in and the difference from week 1 to week 2 is just amazin... you start to get lots of energy... you stop thinking about food all the time and just tune out when you are around food... keep yourself occupied... stay on this forum and before you know it the pounds will melt away.... good luck!

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