Hi all - new with lots of weight to lose :(

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  1. sm12

    sm12 Member

    Hi all :wave_cry:,

    I have been reading around the forum and found it very motivating so thought I would join and say hello. I have I am ashamed to say started this weight loss journey many times, but despite having lost some weight in the past I have never reached an acceptable weight and always seem to end up heavier - especially now as I quit smoking last year and now have an extra stone.

    I think I need to lose around seven stone :( seems like a massive unreachable amount, but for now I will be much happier if I can lose a few stone, and at the age of 33 I have finally managed to quit smoking, have reached the final year of uni for a new career - I can do this! My boys are 11 and 13 and I don't want them to be ashamed of me.

    I look forward to reading all of your stories,

    Thanks for reading

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  3. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    hi sm12
    welcome to the forum we all have lots to lose and some have achieved it and still come on and give us support good look on your weight loss journey x
  4. sm12

    sm12 Member

    Thank you :) x
  5. bunchomonkeys

    bunchomonkeys This time its personal!!

    Hey you are not the only one,I am new to this too and looking to lose even more than you! I am reading all this to inspire as I am starting Monday (Valentines pre arranged stuff means there is no point before then) but I am going full on at from then on as I NEED to change for me.

    We are all in this together and can help each other out I am sure;)
  6. sm12

    sm12 Member

    Hope you enjoy your valentines celebrations. Good luck with starting, its exciting to think how much better we will be feeling by summer! x
  7. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    Don't think of it as 7 stones. That's daunting. Scary.

    Think of how good you'll fell having lost 1/2 stone. Then do it again. It didn't appear overnight and however much we'd all like it to, it won't melt away overnight either. Slow and steady means you'll be more likely to change your eating habits for the better. I'm hoping mine become second nature - but I know it takes time. Lots of great help and support on here though.

    Most important thing for me is that I'm not on a diet. That suggests a time in the future when I *won't* be on a diet. And look what happened last time I thought that :eek:. I am no longer eating the high fat junk that was harming my body. Instead I'm finding ways to eat alternatives that satisfy the need for e.g. chips (mmmm, chips....:drool:) without the fat. I'm coming up to a month on SW and there has only been one time where I've been what I would previously class as "starving hungry" and that was when I failed to plan properly - didn't take a snack in my bag when I should have done. Because I chugg along quite happily normally, getting peckish just before mealtimes (which is normal), eating until I'm satisified on seriously scrummy food and then stopping. It's a whole new way of thinking about food for me.

    Yes, my grocery bill has gone up a bit and my goodness I'm doing far more washing up than I ever did before :8855: but I'm spending virtually nothing on take aways / eating out where before it wasn't unusual for me to get one four or five nights out of 7. Shocking, when I think back. But I feel great. More energy certainly. And I love the food. It's tasty, it's filling and there's such a variety of things I can have. I don't feel like "Oh, I can't have X, now I really, really want X!"

    Gosh, that turned into a bit of an essay. I'm sorry :eek:

    Welcome to WeMITTs - we're with you all the way :)
  8. sophsmum

    sophsmum Full Member

    All the best on your weight loss journey
  9. bunchomonkeys

    bunchomonkeys This time its personal!!

    How much better we will BOTH be feeling by summer -determined!! :girlpower:
  10. bunchomonkeys

    bunchomonkeys This time its personal!!

    You are just up the road from me Sophs Mum - if you want to take advantage of a weight loss buddy who is very local -please just shout!

    We all need friends with these tasks!!

  11. sm12

    sm12 Member

    Theria - great advice thank you :) what is your secret for chips then? ;) and do you still go out for meals occasionally or is it something you have cut completely, I'm also guilty of eating out a lot - was kind of hoping I could still get away with once a week but maybe not, I will have to see how things go.

    Thanks Sophsmum and bunch of monkeys you are right, we are going to feel amazing in our new clothes :D
  12. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    Chips are easy - but it does take longer than going to the chippy. You have been warned.

    I have a chipper from Lakeland - you put small potatoes in whole or cut larger ones in half then it pushes the potato out through a grid of cutting blades - but it would be just as easy to cut it by hand. Anyway - you get the picture - chop up some potatoes into wedges or chip shapes. Some people like to par boil them, rough up the edges, then bake them. I just bake them.

    Put the raw chips in a bowl and spray a few times with Frylite. Add seasonings, lots of them. Salt, pepper, spices, garlic, chilli, whatever you like. Toss in the bowl to make sure everything gets coated.

    Spread out on a baking sheet and bake for about 30 minutes at a reasonably high temperature. I do mine at about 180/190 in a fan assisted oven. Turn them over / shake them about halfway through.

    Chips! Yes, OK, they're not deep fried, but they are very tasty.

    Going out - yes, I stil intend to go out. Looking at the menus in advance is always helpful - resturants with websites are my favourites. (Except last week when I spent ages choosing from a menu online before meeting up with mates and discovering I'd been looking at the wrong restaurant...oops). But sticking to basic principles will get through most things - grilled meat / fish with vegetables or salad (ask for no butter or dressing on the side then you pick whether or not to use it), choose tomatoe based dishes rather than creamy ones in Italian / Indian restaurants, boiled rice not fried if you want it. Alcohol can be my downfall, so at the moment I'm drinking virtually nothing, but I want to be able to get to the stage where I can have one or two drinks and be happy. Rather than having *all* the drinks and being delirious...:eek:

    SW has lots of versions of classic restaurant dishes modified to suit the plan - just search on here for your favourites, there's bound to be a recipe somewhere.
  13. sophsmum

    sophsmum Full Member

    Hey bunchomonkeys this is me shouting :)
  14. sm12

    sm12 Member

    Thank you will give them a go!
  15. bunchomonkeys

    bunchomonkeys This time its personal!!

    I am only in Lowton :) Bit new to this forum - can you PM peeps?
  16. sophsmum

    sophsmum Full Member

    I don't think you can until you've reached 50 posts I think!
  17. sophsmum

    sophsmum Full Member

    I've just tried to PM you and computer says no as you don't have permission to receive messages. It will be the posts thing
  18. bunchomonkeys

    bunchomonkeys This time its personal!!

    Fifty won't take me long (in fact this is just another on the tally right here!!) lol

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